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Fingerprint kiosk at Disneyland??? HELP!?


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  • [Question] Fingerprint kiosk at Disneyland??? HELP!?

    Please help. I dont know if this can be asked, ( Its not I guess PC) Its been since March since I have been to DL. I am thinking of purchasing from Black Market to get tickets.. Friend told me she went in May and they made her do her fingerprint like the Kiosks in Walt Disney World to get in. I told her I havent read such a thing but I want to make sure.
    1. What it the fingerprint kiosk for?
    2. Can I get in with these tickets I purchase?

    Please, for anyone who has visited lately, please let me know if they do infact, or in my thoughts, DONT have the fingerprint kiosk.

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    Re: Fingerprint kiosk at Disneyland??? HELP!?

    Disneyland does not utilize a fingerprint system. Whatever you heard about DL having one is completely false. It was a mistake for WDW to get this type of system in the first place. It has so many problems.

    I can't tell you how bad an idea it is to purchase tickets second hand from an unknown source. There's no way for you to know if the ticket was used at all. It's not worth the possibility of getting scammed just to save a few bucks.


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      Re: Fingerprint kiosk at Disneyland??? HELP!?

      Mod Note:

      Folks, any tickets which are not purchased from Disney or their authorized agents, not only put you of risk of losing your hard earned money, but almost always involve schemes that go against Disney's terms of use for those tickets.

      For that reason, this is not a subject which will be discussed on MiceChat.

      Thanks for your understanding.

      Thread closed.
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