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  • [Fun] See Where A Ride Will Fit!

    Here are some Disneyland attractions at Google Map's most zoomed-in setting. Copy and paste them into Photoshop or GIMP and see if they how they will fit in schools, backyards, parking lots, famous landmarks, etc. make sure to post any cool discoveries here!

    Indiana Jones:

    Pirates of the Caribbean:

    Splash Mountain (I don't quite think I cropped this one correctly):

    Haunted Mansion:

    Casey Jr. and Storybook Land Canal Boats:

    Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters:


    I will edit more here soon, and post some yourself if you want.
    Have fun!
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    Re: See Where A Ride Will Fit!

    Oh wow that's awesome

    *wishes I had PhotoShop*


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      Re: See Where A Ride Will Fit!

      Haha, that's fun to do. Just be aware that sometimes maximum zoom levels can vary from location to location, so double-check the scale when you make the comparison.

      And as far as Splash Mountain goes, you basically got the cropping just needed to go a little further to the right if you were including the long "splashdown", and you've chopped off part of the queue at the top, too.

      One last thing - I have to promote Bing Maps, too, because it offers clearer and more detailed photos of the park. The only downside is that the main overhead photo is less recent than the Google Maps photo.


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        Re: See Where A Ride Will Fit!

        It's easy to check how close the max zoom is, just open Disneyland and the other location in tabs and flip between them to see how much the scale indicator changes.

        Matterhorn, BLAB, and Casey Jr. added. I would do some more Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, but it's difficult to tell where one ride starts and another ends.


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          Re: See Where A Ride Will Fit!

          Two Test Track Attractions (say that 5 times fast!) in Carsland/Timon Parking lot:


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            Re: See Where A Ride Will Fit!

            That's actually nice to know, Nautilus. There's plenty of room for RSR!

            Now, someone who has Photoshop needs to put the Haunted Mansion in Golden Dreams.


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              Re: See Where A Ride Will Fit!

              The Matterhorn without the queue would just about fit on my property, though it would have to be distorted a bit.

              I'm going to check with the neighbors right now to see if that's ok with them.


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                Re: See Where A Ride Will Fit!

                Haunted Mansion without queue inside Big Thunder Ranch and Theatre:
                -Jack :geek:
                Doc Brown had 2 Deloreans!


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