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Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?


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  • [Fun] Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

    What's the funniest/weirdest thing you've ever seen happen at a Disney Park or was a part of?

    Keeping with the Disneyland theme, mine would definitely be the event I posted in another thread, about waiting in line at the Haunted Mansion for 32 minutes and then a swarm of crows land on the tree and then start crapping on the people in line.

    I was dying of laughter that day lol xD

    What are some of your funniest experiences at a Disney Park?

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    Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

    I don't know how funny it was, but it was weird to me. In the summer of 1972 we were at the final scene of the Carousel of Progress, the upstairs "city of the future" model. I saw my sister and her husband from behind, walking away to the exit hallway. They did not go with us to Disneyland that day, they lived in Los Angeles and we lived in Orange. But I was certain it was them. At that time my sister was married to an African-American man, and in 1972 you didn't see all that many interracial couples. It had to be them. So I ran down the exit hallway after them and shouted, "Hey! You guys!" "Hi!..." They stopped and turned around and looked at me. It was two complete strangers. An interracial couple, but not my sister and her husband. They didn't say anything and just started walking again. I went back to the model city and waited a few more minutes because I was so embarrassed I didn't want to run into them again later.

    In 1968 our car on Alice In Wonderland got stuck behind another car that was full of adults and couldn't make it on an uphill part. The house lights went on, the dancing flowers stopped, and two cast members escorted the adults out of the building. The house lights went off and the flowers started dancing again. Their car went ahead empty, and we (me, my Dad and my sister) were allowed to continue through the ride normally. At the time I was disappointed because I thought it ruined the ride for us, but now I appreciate the novelty of it.


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      Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

      For me it's mainly telling stories and laughing with friends.


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        Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

        For me, it would have to be the time I "stole" the hat of Phineas the Hitchhiking Ghost. I was at the park with a large-ish group, and I was in a twee mood, so when my Doom Buggy passed by the mirrors, I remarked to my seatmate that I was stealing his hat, and when we all got off the ride, I asked my friends to admire my new ghost hat. Later that day, we went on Mansion again, I got Phineas in the mirrors again, and his hat was missing.

        More weird than funny, I think. Certainly memorable.
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          Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

          There are 2 other moments that were pretty funny as well:

          1. When I was a little kid, I wanted to take a picture with Jafar at Epcot, he asked me to hold on a sec, he went up to the guy dressed up as Eeyore standing right next to him and he pulled his tail, Eeyore got pissed and just did a "raspberry" at Jafar and he shrugged it off lol.

          2. First time I ever went to Disneyland, I went up to Goofy and gave him my autograph book, then I could hear a voice saying "Open the book, open the book". Little did I realize that the voice was coming from the cast member wearing the Goofy outfit. Way to possibly get fired buddy ;D


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            Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

            my junior year choir trip.
            it was me and my friends, my friend's friend, my ex-boyfriend (at the time, but we're back together because of DL :yea and his friends, and his friend's friends.
            there was 17 of us altogether, and we didn't even plan it that way :meet:
            we ended up calling our group the browns
            and we started either the wave or chanting something in every line we were in :thumbup:
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                Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                I know I've probably told this story on the forum before, but I always think about this when I pass by the window displays outside the World of Disney store.

                My friend and I are both animation majors. There was one particular afternoon when we went to Disneyland that I decided to examine the Disney Store's window displays. You know, the ones that all have a backdrop that looks like an animation desk? Well, on that particular day, I noticed something strange about the "animation paper" decorating the background.

                See, with paper-drawn animation, there's this thing called a "peg bar" that you use to keep your drawings all aligned with each other. There's an industry standard to the pattern of holes and pegs, and it looks like this -
                | -- * -- |
                This is called the "acme" register system.

                But I noticed that the papers in the window displays only had two holes punched in them. They ended up looking like this -
                | -- * |

                I pointed this out to my friend, and we spent about a minute pondering and discussing why the designers got that wrong. Then we shrugged it off and went about our way.

                And then I came back to the park the very next week. I glanced over at the window displays once again, but do you know what I saw on the animation papers?
                | -- * -- |


                So I continue to insist that someone heard our discussion and changed the window displays as a result. =3 And that's why I joined MiceChat with this username.


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                  Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                  Originally posted by Alex E View Post
                  For me it's mainly telling stories and laughing with friends.
                  Precious moments you'll never forget?

                  Sorry...I had to >_>

                  Weird experience I had was way back when I was a slightly shorter creature(I haven't grown much) and I was at the park with my family. My brother loved the skewers at Bengal BBQ so much he kept going back to get more. Eventually one of the CMs there started to recognize him, and she gave him a sheet of paper that has the recipe for all of the sauces they make for their skewers. We still have that paper in a binder on our bookshelf, and we make it from time to time.

                  Another very strange moment was when some friends and I were going to go sit down for Parade of Dreams when I noticed Pinocchio and Foulfellow walking down the street. I pointed them out, and then Foulfellow pointed at us and demanded we go over to him. We were then informed that he knew a friend of ours, who we hadn't seen in a while, very well, so he wanted us to walk with him for a little while. It was kind of horrifying, but amazing all at the same time.



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                    Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                    seeing Vanilla Ice. HAHAHAHA.


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                      Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                      I was riding the Matterhorn when the vehicle on the other track came into our view. A guy in that vehicle shouted out to our bobsled (in a breathless, I'm-riding-the-Matterhorn way) "HOW'S ... IT ... GOING?" Our tracks then almost immediately diverged, and we never caught sight of him again, but for the rest of the ride his voice could periodically be heard echoing throughout the mountain "HOW'S ... IT ... GOING?"


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                        Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                        LovelyLocks=WIN. Nuff said. XD

                        I guess I'll contribute something silly as well.

                        On a recent trip (about a week or 2 ago) My friends & I were walking through the side entrance to the castle (by where the Wishing Well is) & I decided to sit on one of the concrete pieces jutting out. A Plaid walked by with a group of guys I had been seeing around all day, & I couldn't figure out WHY I recognized them. So for some reason (because I have a horrible tendency to do this -_-) I just stood up & started walking behind one of the guys for a few seconds, then I laughed really loud & began walking back to my friends, a lil embarrassed. Well, unbeknownst to me, not ALL of the guys had passed by yet. As I was on my way back to my friends, I ran into the last of the group by accident & when I looked up I realized he was a guy in this band I like a lot! He had seen what I had done & looked down at me (height differences being him: 6'2" me: 5'5") with a smile & said "I see you like my friends." (Which is when I realized why they looked familiar. I see pictures of him with them all the time)

                        Needless to say, that was the first case of me ever turning red. I was paranoid the rest of the night. I saw them again once before I left, I tried to hide, but they all saw me & then they smiled & waved at me.

                        Funny? To everyone but me, yes. Weird? Fer sure. Would I go back & do it again? Most definitely (though maybe this time I won't get caught >_>)


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                          Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                          Great, now I'm wondering what band ZomBats was referring to... oh well

                          Anyways, I'll tell you the funny one first. I might want to give a warning to those who have weak stomachs NOT to read the message below!


                          I was like 5 years old or something and my family and I had all gone to Tom Sawyer's Island, which was very rare for us, so we kids could all go out and play! Well after about a half an hour or so I noticed the overwhelming urge to go number 2 and quickly noticed that Tom Sawyer's Island had a very limited supply of restrooms after spending countless minutes combing the place in a hurry for a much needed facility! I had not gotten quite acquainted with this part of the park since our family rarely went there and so I had no choice but to go... in my pants...

                          I then made my way with my fully loaded trousers up to the, then opened, Fort Wilderness where my Dad was sitting and told him what I had done. He chuckled and told me to immediately check and wash myself up in the restroom there in the fort. Needless to say it was not a pretty sight to say the least and was too embarrassed to do anything at the time. My family quickly gathered up and got on a raft leaving the island not knowing my troubles had only just begun!

                          While on the raft I stood in a corner alone and it didn't take long for all the people around me to move away from me and by the time we got to the park dock the fairly large crowd on the raft was at least 3 yards away! My mom then took me into the womens restroom alongside the New Orleans Train Station and proceeded to strip me down bare in one of the stalls and waited for one of the people in our group to buy new clothes for me at one of the nearby shops and dispose of my "slightly worn" clothes entirely!

                          Meanwhile, the other women in the restroom are yelling out that it stinks to high heaven and flee as soon as possible! By the time my mom gets me all washed up and redressed Disneyland officials close down the restroom temporarily and a full Hazmat team of custodial cast members load in and fully clean and sanitize the place inside and out!!!! That was the probably the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me!!!

                          My family members who were there continue to give me grief about that incident to this day and have forever referred to the incident as "The Island." We all have a good laugh about it today though and continues to be a magically humerus moment for me!

                          ----------End of my slightly disgusting funny experience----------

                          Now on to the weird, until I remember one better, I'll leave this one for ya for now!

                          We all have our favorite cast members that we all love seeing every time we come to the park. Well this one has done a lot for me and my family over the years after meeting him there on crowd control duty years ago (Even going as far as getting my family and me in to the Hub V.I.P. seating area for the fireworks, even had a guy propose to his girlfriend while we were in there). Anyways, I could go on forever about the kindness and generosity of this awesome guy but let me get back to the subject!

                          While we were on a recent trip to the parks, we had gone on for days without seeing him around and was wondering just where in the Disney world he was! Well it all came down to the last day of our visit, on the last ride of the day in the queue of Indiana Jones that he came out of no where and surprised us with sticking his head into our group shouting "I don't think you guys are supposed to be in here!" It freaked the hell out of all of us at first but we ended up meeting up with him right after the ride.

                          Now after all the actions throughout the day and all of incidents it took for us to meet up randomly like that baffled my mind. This guy could have been ANYWHERE in the park since he's a cast member but he managed to see us in the queue on his day off! What are the chances... We went on to talk about his experiences working at the D23 Expo and relating the new and exciting things to expect on the then upcoming Ghost Galaxies since he's a ride operator on Space Mountain! Very cool!
                          Oh what the future will hold...


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                            Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                            I must have been about 9 or 10 years dad and i decided to take a night time drop on splash mountain while mom and brother sat at the royal vernda i believe watching snipits of fantasmic...anyways we got in the log with a bunch of big adults and my dad was a heavy set guy too and i was the only kid on there in the middle of the log...i had always gotten wet on splash mountain but this time when we went on the drop under brer bear's butt we just bounced real hard and all got soaking wet....and we all laughed so hard!!!! i don't think i had ever had that much fun on a ride and that is prob. why to this day splash mountain is my fav disneyland attraction second only to the matterhorn boy did we all find our laughing place that night!!!!
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                              Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                              This was many years ago, when my daughter was 3 or 4 (she's now 17)...and there was a setup with Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs where Pixie Hollow is now. Snow White had taken her break, and was over by the "Hatmosphere". With her being "offstage", we did not want to bother her. But, being gracious, she saw my daughter staring at her, and she came over to speak with my daughter. Now, here is where it got strange/funny. There was a group of female Japanese tourists watching this happen. After a couple of minutes, they came up to Snow White and my daughter, and mimed that they wanted to take some pictures. So we naturally started to pull my daughter away so these ladies could take pictures with Snow White. But they stopped us, and motioned Snow White out of the picture! I don't know if these Japanese tourists thought my daughter was someone famous to get private attention from Snow White or what. But my wife, Snow White and I really got a good laugh out of it.

                              And to make it even weirder, almost the exact same thing happened a couple of years later in Hawaii where some older Japanese tourists came and wanted to take pictures with my daughter - really strange...


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                                Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                                Several years ago, a big group of my family was over in Critter Country. My sister's boyfriend thought it would be fun to give Tigger a bear hug from behind, and kinda jumped on the character's back. To all of our shock, Tigger screamed, "Get the of me!!"

                                Granted, the kid was totally inappropriate and I'm sure he scared the poor guy in the costume...I just had no idea Tigger had such a foul mouth


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                                  Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                                  In 1995 I went on a Disneyland Trip with 3 friends. We were on Its A Small World and there was a foreign family in front of us. Before we had even entered the show building their little boy was saying something to the mom. The child had to be no more than 3 years old. All of a sudden the mother started digging in her purse and the boy stood up and dropped his pants. She pulled out a little plastic baggy and the little boy went pee in the bag. When he was done his mom tied up the bag and set it down in the boat. The mother then leaned over the edge used the water in the ride to rinse her hands. It was so awesome and funny. More shocking at the moment but definitely memorable.


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                                    Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                                    im a lazy guy so...

                                    Back in '04 i went with a friend to disneyland and we saw a Jasmine and Aladdin talking to little kids while we sat at a bench near the Mad Hatter and former Bank. an odd place to see aladdin and jasmine. we were just half paying attention to the scene until we heard the mestizo aladdin say with a rather strong lisp "Well that's a good question why don't i ask jazzmiyn" My friend and i raised our eyebrows with intrigue and leaned in slightly to see what this may lead to.

                                    Aladdin then turned towards jasmine who was speaking to children also and he says:

                                    "Jazzmiyn!" to wich she did not respond.

                                    "JAZZMIYN!" she was still talking to a little girl


                                    At that point Jasmine looks over to Aladdin with a twisted smile that was doing little to hide her seething anger.

                                    meanwhile my friend and i reeled back a bit laughing at it all. "Twas a magical moment.


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                                      Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                                      Last year when I went to WDW..I got smacked right into my face by some guy from europe and it just happen like that I was stunned cause this guy was a big guy and then to add to insult I fell down...and this was in front of a lot of people..It was a pretty funny moment for me
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                                        Re: Funniest/Weirdest Experience at a Disney Park?

                                        Having Pirates break down on me and my family right next to the Blue Bayou. The people on my boat were able to get some free mints from the waiters who were walking by.


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