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Wrap - Awesome Wrap French Fry Lettuce at Soarin'


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  • [Review] Wrap - Awesome Wrap French Fry Lettuce at Soarin'

    Hey Guys,

    What I like about Soarin' restaurant over in DCA near Soaring over California ride is:

    Every time I would buy a hamburger combo that comes with either fries or onion rings.

    I would always go to the condiment section and grab myself a several large pieces of green lettuce. I will then take 1 or 2 fries and wrap it in lettuce and some pickles and dip it into either ketchup, barbecue sauce, and or ranch. It will make you get full fast if you are not full already from eating the hamburger.

    In my culture, we would always wrap egg roll, meat, etc into lettuce and dip it into our sauce. A lot of people do not know that.

    Similar to a protein burger at IN-N-Out. where it contains no buns.

    Also, for snack, I would just go buy myself a side of french fries and do the same thing. LOL
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    Re: Wrap - Awesome Wrap French Fry Lettuce at Soarin'

    Have you ever tried fry sauce? if you enjoy exotic sauces, you owe it to yourself to try it.

    I will tell you it's not Thousand Island Dressing, or plain ketchup and mayonaisse mixed, even though the appearance is similar. It's much more. It has a wonderful mix of spices and flavors that make it amazing as a dip for french fries, or whatever foods you enjoy dipping into sauce. Once you go fry sauce, you won't accept anything else. You can order some from them here...

    Fry Sauce 36 oz. - $3.75 : Fry Sauce by Some Dudes Fry Sauce in Salt Lake City Utah, A Utah original: Some Dudes Fry Sauce


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      Re: Wrap - Awesome Wrap French Fry Lettuce at Soarin'

      Wow that sounds good! Do you mind me asking what culture you are from? And btw, the restaurant is called Taste Pilot's Grill.


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