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Belated Photo TR: D23, FANTASMIC+Murphy, and Disney Celebs


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  • Trip Report Belated Photo TR: D23, FANTASMIC+Murphy, and Disney Celebs

    Ok, so this is SLIGHTLY delayed, but here are some of my pictures from D23 in September.

    Also, all of these pictures are available for viewing and download in their original size (plus many more pictures!!) on my flickr which you can see here: Flickr: PirateTinkerbell's Photostream


    Thursday, September 10, 2009

    So we flew into Orange County that afternoon and got to our hotel a little bit before dinnertime. We wanted to get dinner at Tortilla Jo’s so we made the brilliant decision to walk from our hotel to dinner. Not so bad, right? WRONG!!!! We were staying at the Courtyard Mariott (right behind the Anaheim Mariott) which is about 1.5 miles walking distance from Tortilla Jo’s. The walk didn’t look so bad to start out, but it ended up being pretty darn far. We forgot about the Katella Ave. shuttle which would have saved us a good bit of the walk. I guess on the way over it wasn’t too bad… It was after tons of Mexican food and multiple margaritas that the walk back was made uncomfortable.

    D23 Expo, Friday, September 11, 2009

    Okay Friday!! What a great day!!!! We got to go to the Walt Disney Pictures presentation which, as most of you probably know, CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW WAS THERE!!!! I almost died with excitement!!! I wasn’t really sure whether to cry or jump up and down… The best solution seemed to be a combination of both. We had seats in the third row for the presentation, so it was really cool to see all those celebs and especially Captain Jack that close! And sadly, since no cameras were allowed, I didn’t get a picture of my wonderful Captain Jack. But I’ll always remember it forever Now onto the things I did get to take pictures of!!

    The first thing we did (well, after buying our expo priced tickets for Disneyland that night) was go see the Electrical Parade Turtle!!!! It was the first thing that caught my eye when we got into the expo hall and (being a true Main Street Electrical Parade fan) I had to go see it. I asked (yes, I really did ask) if I could take the turtle home with me but sadly they said I couldn’t. They might have wondered if I got on the plane with that following me…

    WALL-E!!! He really was super cute! I need a little one of him to help me clean up

    And Lucky He was pretty cool. He always seemed to make some sort of noise and had great expressions!

    This next one is really exciting! I got to meet Tony Baxter!! We saw him in the parks and resorts pavilion so I got up the courage and introduced myself and said hello! He was super nice and signed my expo book and took a picture with me. It was really awesome to get to meet him because I admire his work so much! Really really nice guy and I only wish I had hours to sit and talk with him!

    Miss Minnie and Me Rodent love

    ONTO DISNEYLAND! Okay, so I don’t know if it was because it was September 11th or what, but Disneyland was pretty slow that evening. At about 5:30pm Indiana Jones had only a 20 minute posted (it turned out to be like 10 minutes) wait. We walked right onto Pirates, we didn’t even have to wait one minute. Overall, the park was pretty empty, but not like I’m complaining

    Messing around with the camera waiting for Fantasmic…

    And the main reason why we went to Disneyland that night… FANTASMIC!! Especially Murphy The following are some of my favorites that I took during the show, there’s a bunch more on my Flickr if you would like to see those too I borrowed Andrew’s nice camera to take the pictures so they came out great!

    Princessas (this Ariel one is quite pretty in a bigger size, see it here!)

    See later on when I got to meet the REAL Belle

    Mickey got lost somewhere in that blast of light…

    AND NOW, MAY I PRESENT…… MURPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (well, Murphy minus fire-breathing…)

    This one looks WAY better bigger, so go check it out here! I got a lucky shot too… check out the fire on the left hand side of the picture. Does it look like a dragon head with horns to you? It does to me It’s Mini Murphy!

    She goes dead…


    KABLOOEY! (also really pretty big, so see it here!)

    And the last of the Fantasmic shots... (also quite pretty larger which can be seen here!)

    D23 Expo, Saturday, September 12, 2009

    Can I keep him?

    Star Tours 2!!!!!!!

    Mr. Push

    And, as promised, the REAL Belle Miss Paige O’Hara!

    Paige O’Hara and the REAL Tinkerbell Miss Margaret Kerry

    Tink and PirateTink

    THE END!!!

    Hope everyone enjoyed my pictures!!! Again, feel free to download (or comment on ) any that you like at my Flickr (Flickr: PirateTinkerbell's Photostream). Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!
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    Visit my Flickr!

    Zip a dee doo dah, zip a dee a! My oh my what a wonderful day! Plenty of sunshine heading my way, Zip a dee doo dah, Zip a dee a!

    I wanna go back....... I will miss you until next time Disneyland :crybye:

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    Re: Belated Photo TR: D23, FANTASMIC+Murphy, and Disney Celebs

    Wow! Great TR, delayed or not. Awesome Fantasmic! pics, and it's always nice to see D23.


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      Re: Belated Photo TR: D23, FANTASMIC+Murphy, and Disney Celebs

      Those were great and yes I agree about the Murphy-fire.


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        Re: Belated Photo TR: D23, FANTASMIC+Murphy, and Disney Celebs

        Great report! Better late than never.
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          Re: Belated Photo TR: D23, FANTASMIC+Murphy, and Disney Celebs

          Your pics were a pure joy ~ thanks for posting!


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