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Introducing someone to Disneyland - Best Friend Edition


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    Re: Introducing someone to Disneyland - Best Friend Edition

    In February we took 2 friends of ours who had not been in the Park since around 1968.... They said they were 'up for anything', so we just did what we usually do at Disneyland and they had a great time! Of course, we found out whether or not they liked roller coasters (yes, thankfully). Other than that, just have your normal great time.
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      Re: Introducing someone to Disneyland - Best Friend Edition

      Not sure if I should leave this down here or have it as the original post. Also, this is a post of EVERYTHING that I've written down. It doesn't have things highlighted for what I feel is a priority. So . . .
      What list I have so far, a small description on some if needed. This is essentially a list of all the attractions to be honest. I want to add to it of experiences that can be had in the various lands in addition to the attractions.

      Down Town Disney:


      Main Street:
      • City Hall
        - To get a "My first visit" pin of course.
        - Her birthday is in December so if we can plan it correctly, a birthday pin as well.
        - A list of the horses on the Carousel.
      • Firehouse
        - To play on the fire wagon and show off Walt's apartment.
      • Emporium
        - Shopping
        - Windows with the diaramas
      • Virtuosity Shop
        - I'll add the correct name later
      • Carnation Cafe
      • Blue Ribbon Bakery
      • Penny Arcade
      • Candy Palace
      • Coke Corner
      • Plaza Pavillion
      • Plaza Gardens
      • The Hub
      • Plaza Inn
      • Red Wagon
      • Main Street Photo Supply Company
      • China Closet
      • Silhouette Studio
      • Crystal Arts
      • Castle Brothers Collegiate Fashions/Chester Drawers Togs for Toddlers
      • Disney Clothiers LTD
      • Main Street Cone shop
      • Market House
      • Disneyana
      • Main Street Cinema
      • 20th Century Music Company
      • Main Street Magic Shop
      • The Great American Pastime
      • Disney Gallery
      • Transportation Stuffs
        - Horse-drawn streetcars
        - Horseless Carriages
        - Omnibus
      • The Mad Hatter
        - She obviously needs her own pair of mouse ears.
      • Great Moments goes hurr
      • Gibson Girl
      • Disneyland Railroad
        - Lilly Belle
        - Diorama-rama
      • General Main St
        - Dedication plaques
        - Dedication Windows

      • Enchanted Tiki Room
        - Regardless of the weather, I think a Dole whip is always in order.
      • Aladdin's Oasis
        - If it's open that is.
      • Jungle Cruise
      • Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
        - Decoder card ftw
      • Tarzan's Treehouse
      • Bengal Barbeque
      • Trading Outpost

      • Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road
      • Tom Sawyer Island: Pirate Edition
      • Big Thunder Ranch
        - Is it open during the holidays?
      • Frontierland Shootin' Exposition
      • Mark Twin River Boat
      • Columbia
      • Farley the Fiddler
      • Golden Horseshoe
        - Laughing Stock Co.
      • Westward Ho Trading Company
      • Petrified Tree Stump
      • Bonanza Outfitters

      New Orleans Square:
      • Pirates of the Caribbean
      • Haunted Mansion
      • Laffite's Anchor
      • Royal Street Veranda
      • Blue Bayou
      • Cristal D'Orelans
      • Jewel of Orleans
      • Cafe Orleans
      • French Market
      • Mint Julep Bar
      • Club 33
        - I've already been there once and experienced the magic and would love to experience it again but I'd love it more if I could share it. If I'm super lucky I can find a friend who knows someone who I could beg. Who knows? I might find someone who will want to trade one reservation for their lawn being mowed for a year, or help them bake a gazzillion cookies. If you're that special someone, I'm willing to do a trade if you can make this magical experience happen.

      Critter Country:
      • Splash Mountain
      • The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
      • Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes

      • Pixi Hollow
      • Snow White's Grotto
      • Sleeping Beauty Castle
      • Snow White's Scary Adventures
      • Pinocchio's Daring Journey
      • King Arthur Carrousel
        - Jingles!
      • Casey Jr. Circus Train
      • Dumbo Flying Elephants
      • Storybook Land Canal Boats
      • Mad Tea Party
      • Alice in Wonderland
      • Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
      • Peter Pan's Flight
      • Matterhorn Bobsleds
      • It's a Small World
      • Mad Hatter Store
        - I know, duplicate, but might as well include it here too.
      • Sword in the Stone Ceremony

      Toon Town:
      • Jolly Trolly
      • Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
      • Minnie Mouse's House
      • Mickey Mouse's House & Movie Barn
      • Chip 'N Dale's Treehouse
      • Gadget Go Coaster
      • The Miss Daisy
        - (Donalds boat)

      • Astro Orbitor
      • Disneyland Monorail
      • Tomorrowland Autopia
      • Innoventions & The Dream Home
      • Space Mountain
      • Honey I Shrunk The Audience
      • Starcade
      • Star Tours
      • Redd Rockett's Pizza Port
      • Store Command
      • That store that's right next to the Starcade

      Fireworks and parades:
      • Fantasmic!
        - Do I even need a reason for this?
      • Christmas Fantasy Parade
      • Christmas Fantasy in the sky
        - I can't think of the actual name for this right now . . .

      Disney's California Adventure:

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