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Probably dumb question, but....


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  • [Question] Probably dumb question, but....

    I've seen older threads saying that ROA will be drained early 2010 for refurbishment.

    I also read that the water system is pretty interconnected with the water rides, so does that impact other water rides (POTC or Splash Mountain)?

    My hubby doesn't really like going on attraction rides, so I was planning on taking him on POTC first (his jaw will drop and want to go on more) and hopefully it will still be running...

    Too bad that means Fantasmic is out

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    Re: Probably dumb question, but....

    The water rides are not linked to the water system, unless you were hoping to get on Tom Sawyer Island with the river drained.


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      Re: Probably dumb question, but....

      The ROA being drained will not close the water rides.

      Enjoy your trip!


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        Re: Probably dumb question, but....

        I believe the ROA is linked with the other water "pools" in the park, such as the moat around the castle. As for the rides that use water, I think each ride has it's own separate system. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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          Re: Probably dumb question, but....

          The Rivers of America is connected to the Castle moat and the Jungle Cruise. It was at one time connected to the Motor Boat Cruise but I think that area is dry now.

          Closure of the ROA will not impact any water rides. Small World, Splash, and Pirates all have enclosed and filtered water systems. Jungle Cruise will still operate with no problems.


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