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History of Theme Parks in Orange County


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  • [Fun] History of Theme Parks in Orange County

    Thanks to Daddy Dan (babitosdad) on Twitter, I found this site that is all about the history of Theme parks in OC. Great pics and videos of disneyland; as well as other great parks.

    Early Amusement Parks of Orange County

    Check it out!!!
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    Re: History of Theme Parks in Orange County


    But they left out the Alligator Farm which was on the north side of La Palma (other side of Knott's)

    And ... actually .. it shouldn't be called - Early of Amusement Parks of OC .. because several of the features cover parks that were part of LA county.

    A better title - Early Amusement Parks of Southern California.

    I've tried to figure out how to write the owner of the page, I don't see an option for "contact".
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      Re: History of Theme Parks in Orange County

      That Jungle Island at Knott's Berry Farm was great fun! Just outside Knotts, behind the Independence Hall. Something like $1 admission and you could run around and play for hours on the trails. I also loved the Pan for Gold attraction at Knott's. Busch Gardens in Van Nuys was also nice and it was FREE in its first few years! Except a small charge for the boat ride I think. Later they started charging admission. Free beer for the adults! Lion Country Safari was fun too - a drive-through animal park. The animals might sit on your car. Now that is Wild Rivers water park and Irvine Meadows ampitheater.
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