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  • [Question] Main Street Music Loop (Not Christmas)

    Al's update of the Main Street Christmas Music Loop got me thinking... is there an equally complete list of song titles/artists/albums for the normal Main Street Music Loop?

    The site has an incomplete list. They have all the song titles, so it's a great start, but they are missing some artist and album names.

    Also, some of the tracks are listed as being from the "Disneyland Forever" album... which I believe refers to those burn-your-own-cd kiosks that used to be in Tomorrowland. Well that's like saying that "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" is from WALL-E... hardly a primary source.

    So... Does anyone have a complete list of titles/artists/albums for the everyday Main Street Music Loop? There are a few more weeks before I'm ready to listen to Christmas Music, but I can always use a little Disney Cheer

    I'm anticipating that the hardest (maybe impossible) tracks to find will be the songs like "Sunday Clothes" that are originally from HELLO DOLLY. It may be that Disney hired an orchestra to cover these songs and that they were never actually published.

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    Re: Main Street Music Loop (Not Christmas)

    Look for these tracks from the itunes store:

    "Oh, You Drummer"
    "The Winter Garden Rag"
    "The Junk Man Rag"
    "A Symphonic Nightmare: Desecration Rag No. 1"

    ^ All from the album The Whistler and His Dog by Rick Benjamin and the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra.

    "In the Hills of Old Kentucky"
    "Old Timer's Waltz Medley"

    ^ from On the Boardwalk. Same artist as above.

    None of the other tracks on the loop are available to purchase in the form you hear them.
    I like The Happiest Millionaire. What's wrong with that?


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