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Of all the things that have been in Tomorrowland what were the best choices?


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  • [Question] Of all the things that have been in Tomorrowland what were the best choices?

    Tomorrowland of all the lands was the one that was to the most based in reality not fantasy but a reality not of today but of 50 yrs hence, it was Walt's vision for it to look into the future especially to inspire the young that their future would be brighter and better. Of course things haven't quite turned out that way in Tomorrowland.

    So I ask the question since 1955 of all the attractions that have existed in Tomorrowland which were the best for each location?

    Of all the things that have been in Tomorrowland what were the best choices?

    Starting at the entrance:

    Which is better?
    1. The current almost closed off entrance with the astro orbiter.
    2. The original open entrance with fountains and light shows on either side.

    On the right:

    Which is better?
    1. Star Tours (non Disney movie based with no educational value and allot of fantasy violence)
    2. Adventure thru Innerspace with its very educational theme (of course the attraction would be updated with new multimedia technology over the years)

    On the left:

    Which is better?
    1. Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters (with its animated movie look painted plywood sets and shoot em up theme)
    2. Rocket Rods queue (with wireframe transportation vehicles of the future (past) videos and informative films in the circarama theater) and on the outside the Space Experience that was short lived.
    3. The Circa rama 360 degree theater (with new films every decade or so)

    Down the middle and all around:

    Which is better?
    1. The WedWay Peoplemover transporation system of tomorrow (intended to illustrate how people would get around in the future in a city environment a companion to the Monorail)
    2. Rocket Rods (strickly for entertainment purposes)
    3. Nothing but an empty station and tracks, which is what we have now

    Which is better?
    1. The Rocket Jets (high above tomorrowland on top of the peoplemover station)
    2. Moved to the entrance ground level as the Astro Orbiter.

    Entry area to Space Mtn:

    Which is better?
    1. Honey I shrunk the Audience
    2. Michael Jacksons Captain Eo (possibly updated with new efx and exteriors)
    3. Videopolis

    Space Mtn:
    Since it did not replace anything and has not really changed it does not really apply

    Courtyard area:
    1. currently nothing but a big ball
    2. Water fountain for kids to play in and get wet
    3. Flying Saucers (with the bugs worked out)

    Pizza port building:

    Which is better?
    1. A pizza eatery
    2. Mission to Mars (could be updated)
    3. Flight to the Moon (could be updated
    4. A version of both where the guests choose either the moon or mars as destinations as there were two theaters)

    The Carousel building:

    Which is better?
    1. Innoventions as it is now with the fabulously futuristic House of the future (sarcasm)
    2. Innoventons as it was
    3. American sings (out of place in tomorrowland but what alot of hi tech show control and a lot of AA fig's)
    4. Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress (with updated last future scene every 10 yrs or so)

    The Monorail:

    Ok they fixed it

    The Submarine Voyage attraction:

    Which is better?
    1. Nemo cartoonized
    2. Original slightly more serious voyage (but could have been updated)

    The Autopias:

    Which is better?
    1. the current version based on the Chevron cutesy car commercal cars sort of.
    2. the previous version which had two tracks one for adults and one for kids.
    Note: it could be update like the HK version which is all electric and charges at the loading area so that cars are nonstop and non polutting.

    The skyway:

    Which is better?
    1. Nothing which is what we have now
    2. the baskets that flew up over tomorrowland and the submarine lagoon and thru the caverns of the Matterhorn over Fantasyland landing in the alpine forest area.

    The boat ride:

    Which is better?
    1. Nothing but a green water unkempt area which is what it is now.
    2. Boat rides that followed and underwater track thru a wooded area by the autopias with the monorail overhead especially fun at night providing a restful time.

    ok I probably forgot a few things but you get the drift....
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    Of all the things that have been in Tomorrowland what were the best choices?

    Of the current attractions, Space Mountain and Star Tours. Not because adventures in space are the only legitimate type of attraction that one could build in Tomorrowland, but simply because those are the two that happen to provide the most immersive, exciting, thematically appropriate experiences. Rocket Jets were nice, too.

    There are and have been a lot of "close, but no cigar" attractions. The PeopleMover was great, but its design now looks dated. The original subs were great, but they would have required some changes to remain futuristic. (And those changes wouldn't have involved talking 2D fish...) The Rocket Rods were great, but they...didn't work. The idea of Innoventions is great, but in practice, it doesn't provide much more of a look into the future than your local Best Buy. ATIS was great, but again, if it had continued to exist, it would have needed dramatic upgrades. Unfortunately, I think Tomorrowland's problems started long before 1998. Like, 1955.

    Just my opinions.


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      Re: Of all the things that have been in Tomorrowland what were the best choices?

      Since this is an exact duplicate of the other thread that has a poll, rather than merge the two together this one will be closed to avoid confusion.

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