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How I would reinvent Tomorrowland


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  • [Idea] How I would reinvent Tomorrowland

    This is a topic that's been done a thousand and one times before, I know. But I feel that I must speak my mind. I make no claims as to the novelty of my ideas.

    With the rate technology changes nowadays it would be ridiculous to try to keep Tomorrowland up with the times. The solution is simple, a return to Retro-futurism, in the style of Tomorrowland as it was in the 60s and 70s, with perhaps a "green" bent.
    Anyway, here's what I'd do with the specific attractions and notable areas.

    Overall: Copper out, chrome and white in. I liked the copper and I like what's left of it, but it's the wrong kind of retro. Raygun Gothic for all.

    Entrance: Astro Jets out. I think a greenhouse or a garden would look great here, but I'm not sure how feasible that is.

    BLAB: This gets a big change. I have a couple of possibilities in mind. Despite being one of Disney's few Scifi properties I don't think Buzz Lightyear belongs in Tomorrowland. However the idea of a shooting gallery ride is appealing to me. I do not have any strong ideas about the form this could take. Possibly a Flash Gordon/Captain Proton style adventure story? My other idea for the building that is currently BLAB is to retheme it to be similar, if not QUITE the same, as Adventure Through Inner Space. Although Tomorrowland is a place devoted to forward thought, that doesn't mean that certain ideas from the past do not have a place.

    Star Tours: I love this ride to death and I cannot imagine not having it. Although some might not feel it fits, I'm not prepared to part with it.

    Subs: The effect we have is quite clever. I think it might not be a bad idea to retheme it to a more realistic thing, in the spirit of the original but with less camp. I would probably have a demo of this idea made and run through a few hundred test riders to see what was more appealing to the average guest and go from there.

    Peoplemover track: New vehicles. Omnimover-style pods with a glass front? I feel like if there's a good way to make this a transport ride to try to, but I can't see how it would be any more practical than walking. Tomorrowland's not big and I think efficiency is important to the theming. Perhaps closed pods with the inside providing some sort of projected short film. Either way I think this is important for kinetic purposes.

    Magic Eye theater: 4D mission to mars/flight to the moon, once EO's run its course next year. This lets us have something that I feel is an excellent fit for tomorrowland without sacrificing Redd Rocket's, of which I am very fond. Speaking of EO I think I might try to release it on DVD.

    Open area formerly home of fountains and flying saucers: If I couldn't get the greenhouse at the entrance, I would put it here. Have a presentation about organically grown fruits and vegetables, possibly with a cooking demonstration. If I got the greenhouse at the entrance houwever I would work to get the fountains working again.

    Tomorrowland Terrace/Club Buzz/Whatever it is now: Gone, baby, gone. A ride with a small footprint would be nice here. I don't have any particularly strong ideas, however.

    Starcade: Give it a music-making theme. DDR is a must. Perhaps arrange a deal with EA and Activision to have special arcade-style Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and DJ Hero games here. Even if that doesn't pan out, my point is that I think Music would be great theming for this.

    Space Mountain: No severe change necessary. Have the soundtracks alter at random between the original Dick Dale soundtrack and the new one. At night use the abandoned plan of making Rock'It mountain a nightly event. I see two possible focuses for this: California-local artists (I think this has strong potential. Just from LA alone Guns and Roses, No Doubt, Van Halen, and Red Hot Chili Peppers are all very popular, and if you expand it northward lots of good bands have come out of San Francisco.) or songs with strong Science Fiction-y themes (For this I would try to secure 2112 Overture by Rush, Orion by Metallica, and nearly anything Daft Punk was prepared to let me have).

    Autopia: Minimal change necessary. Ditch the Chevron sponsorship (because they'll never go along with the rest of my plan), make all vehicles on it electric, and perhaps go with either retro 50s designs, or futuristic ones (Possible Aptera sponsorship?).

    Carousel building: Carousel of Progress is a viable idea, but I'd like to have something fresh for it, especially because it leaves Florida's Tomorrowland with one Great Big Beautiful Exclusive. I'd appreciate some ideas for this.

    Train station: Absolutely no need for change, except some slight Retro-Future retheming.

    I'd really like to have something with a time-travel theme. Perhaps in one of the areas I'm not absolutely certain about, such as the newly-emptied Terrace, or for the Peoplemover track.

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    Re: How I would reinvent Tomorrowland

    TIME TRIP! Where you go a billion years into the future and come back. A camera takes a picture of your faces and projects it into various scenes.

    I like the idea of different soundtracks for Space Mountain and you wear headphones and choose which soundtrack you want to hear.


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      Re: How I would reinvent Tomorrowland

      I like these ideas! "Chrome and white in." Here, here.
      - Bobd


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        Re: How I would reinvent Tomorrowland

        I like most of your ideas, with the exception of the cooking show and greenhouse. Different music for Space would be great, possibily different music possible for each car - as the speaker in the Haunted Mansion. And you are right, leave Star Wars there!
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