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Our Disneyland and DCA trip on 11/9/09.


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  • Trip Report Our Disneyland and DCA trip on 11/9/09.

    My twin sister and I arrived at DCA, and the first ride we rode is Toy Story Mania. Along the way , we spotted a few toy soldiers entertaining a few people with their singing.

    We arrived to the line, and saw Mr. Potato Head in all of his mechanical glory.

    It was a Monday, so the wait was only 10 mins. for the rollercoaster. I was giddy because I had the rollercoaster music in my mp3 player , and I kept on saying to my sister that I could re live the ride by listening to the music!

    I was afraid that the contents of my bag would fall out since it had no zipper, but just like spinning a bucket full of water, nothing fell out , thank goodness.

    Next we went to the Tower of Terror. The bellhop guy was tripping me out big time. He was acting like a zombie or something. Anyways we finally got to the seat of the ride and right before the door close, the bellhop said that if you have second thoughts it's already too late, and than the door closed. Geez talk about reassurance.
    That ride was fast going up and all of a sudden going down, and it's over as soon as it began. We both love that ride, but was too light headed to ride again.

    To regain our composure, we went to the Animation studio where we did the drawing lessons, and the soccerer area. The character we learned how to draw is Goofy, and our teacher was a female ( I forgot her name). At the end, it was so unique to see the different styles of Goofy others have drawn . As for my drawing it was ok although my Goofy's ears are messed up. I think my sister drawn a better Goofy than I did. I was going to keep my drawing as a sovenir, but I lost it in Disneyland ( I was thinking hopefully a small kid will pick it up and keep it making their day a little brighter).
    After watching the Toy Story zoetrope , we headed to the Srcerer area. We went to Belle's library and did the questionaire to find out which character are we. I got the queen from Sleeping Beauty ( which sort of fit me, kind of...). My sister was also doing the questionaire away from me , and she got the same results as I did! lol. It must be a twin thing.
    Finally we did the Ursula's Grotto which was fun! In the background people were singing High Ho High Ho!, asically letting their inhibitions go, and just having fun
    So we decided to try the acting. I remember doing the small Simba and Scar one, the Unhappy Birthday, and finally the Jafar and Iago one.
    I was just doing my best impression of Iago while my sister was embrassed. Come on! I told her that no body is watching us, and that the room is dark for a reason. So at the end she finally acted with feelings when she was doing Scar's voice! Not sure about her, but I had fun there.

    The Roaring Rapids ride is the next one we rode. My sister and I both put our sweater on to hopefully keep our shirts dry.

    That ride is dangerous especially if you're riding with teenagers because all the "perverted humor". You know the humor I'm talking about.
    Luckly there was no kids on the raft we were on.

    I wanted to go to Aladdin at 4:15pm , but they have no showings on Monday. They only have Thurs- Sunday performances, but that's ok. So instead we went to Drawn to the Magic. I saw Woody's hat , and since he's my fave character, I told my sister that we have to watch it.

    So the show was going on, and instead of Woody, I saw Peter Pan's drawing. I was like, really?

    Towards the end of the show, Aurora and Sorcerer Mickey came out, and by my surprise Peter Pan came out instead of Woody( this didn't bother me because Peter Pan is also my fave character! ). I was suprisingly pleased that Peter Pan came out. I didn't expect it. So after the show I had my picture taken with Peter Pan, making sure that I wasn't obvious that he's my fave character. The only camera I had was my camera phone with Tinkerbell on it. I was being a dork and I said to Peter look there's Tinkerbell on my phone as I was pointed at it. Peter said oh yeah there's she is! In his Peter Pan way. I found out that it was very very funny. Even though I'm too old for character interactions, I still enjoy it. Come on I'm a kid at heart =P
    It's Tough to be a Bug and Soaring Over California are the last 2 places we went and they're so nice!

    After that, we went to Disneyland. The first thing we saw was the Showboat Jubilee. As the whole cast went towards the boat, the Prince looked at my sister and waved at her. I noticed that she was blushing! So I kinda made fun of her saying that too bad he already have a Princess, and not surprisely she wasn't laughing, but I was!

    I enjoyed the show , the music, the singing, and the costumes are awesome! I love the way Princess Tiana's dress looked like a Lilly Pad, and the way the Prince " suit of armor " kind of remind me of Legolas's clothing from Lord of the Rings. Since the Princess Frog will only be there until Jan. and not knowing if we're able to come back before they leave, we decided to go to their meet and greet.

    I love seeing how the other female my age react when they finally meet the Prince! Based on their reaction, it was so obvious that they have a little crush on the Prince

    Finally it was our turn .

    I was being a dork when I introduced my sister and I to the Prince and Princess ( saying that we're twins >.<). I told them that I love their dress, and I looked at the Prince's outfit, and it wasn't a dress , of course. So I asked him, what does he call his outfit. Than in a Best Prince voice and stance he said that "It's a Suit of armor!"( laughing a little at himself), and I was like oh yeah that's it! lol that was funny! We didn't have a regular camera , but good thing that in that meet and greet they have a Disney Photo Pass.

    We also went to Buzz Lightyear ride ( I let my sister beat me), and also to the Peter Pan ride . Too bad they were still redoing Small World for Christmas ( they open this Friday, 11/13/09), and we missed the Dapper Dans( since they only performed on Wed and Thurs. , but all in all it was a fun trip!

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