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New Villians store?


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  • [Idea] New Villians store?

    Ok after watching Princess and the frog clips on Youtube my mind has been throwing ideas left and right! I thought i'd share one with you guys! Ok it's a Villians Merchandise store but... it'll be right between Pieces of eight and Le Bat en rouge by the little courtyard. Ok soo the enterance will be near an old courtyard with a dead tree in the middle of the area, and in the darkest corner will be an open doorway with beaded curtains. Above the doorway will read: Dr.Facilier's Voodoo emporium of Villians goods. The overall theme will be Dr.Facilier's Parlour with shrunken heads hanging and shelves upon shelves of potions and tarot cards on the counters.I don't know about you guys but I really do miss the Villians Lair and I wish Disney could bring something similar back! Anyways! what do u think?!

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    Re: New Villians store?

    That would be groovy. I'd shop there.


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      Re: New Villians store?

      that's not a bad idea.
      i like the idea
      i'm not a villian fan
      but i do like the idea

      and everytime i'm looking at the princess and the frog
      i'm still trying to figure out what the plot is!

      it's either so secretive
      or i'm just stupid :shy:
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      You know what they say- The party don't start 'til Jordon walks in.
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        Re: New Villians store?

        You rock, serviceelevator! This shows tremendous foresight that you thought of the idea of an villians merchandise store several weeks before Princess and the Frog's release. You are an insightful and fun person. :thumbup:
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