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  • [Fun] Trip booked!

    We booked our trip last night for Dec.26th-Jan.4th, yes we are aware of the crazy crowds, etc.! We usually spend this week at WDW but this year we are heading West! We are staying at Embassy Suites-South. Any info on that hotel? Also, we are going to the Rose Bowl Parade! It's going to be a fabulous trip, I CAN'T WAIT! Small World Holiday-SOOOO EXCITED! One question, where is the best place to have a character meal? I know pickens will be slim this late in the game but we are flexible!

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    Re: Trip booked!

    if my parents were on micechat
    they would tell you about the almost exact trip you're doing
    i think i was there
    but i was like one
    i was still saying "i wan wawa"
    ) actually not even it was probably more like "waah....wawa"

    anyways i would just say have fun!
    don't worry about the crowds cause that'll just ruin it
    tell us all about it when you get back
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    You know what they say- The party don't start 'til Jordon walks in.
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