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  • [Pictures] Pictures from the past

    So I was going through some of my old pics and found a few I thought some of you may want to see.

    There are to many for one post so I will seperate them and as note these are all scans so there not the best quality, sorry.

    To start, the last night for Circlevision.

    The main entryway and countdown clock.

    The waiting area.

    Doors into the theatre.

    Main theatre.

    Purple carpet.

    Nerd shot

    Closed forever

    Here's an after picture and a preview of the pictures to follow.

    Hope you enjoyed the pictures, to be continued...

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    Re: Pictures from the past

    I LOVE those photos!!! I remember gripping onto these railings because you always felt like you were going to tip over! Thank you so much. This really made my day. Great memories.


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      Re: Pictures from the past

      I have to admit that this is one of the few Yesterland attractions I don't miss. Having to stand through the whole show due to a lack of seating wasn't all that fun as a kid and something about either the shape of the screens or just the circle vision concept gave me a bit of a headache reminiscent of motion sickness (1st person video games have the same affect on me for some reason). For me, BLAB is more entertaining than Circlevision was.

      For those who miss it, Soarin' could very easily be considered a successor to Circlevision (Mainly due to the content of the film, but also because the circlevision concept gave the illusion of movement somewhat). I think it's a better experience than Circlevision was plus, it doesn’t give me a headache the way circlevision did.

      Cool pics though. Does bring back memories.

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        Re: Pictures from the past

        I have a bunch of old Disneyland photos back home, which im going in a little over a week. When i get there, i will scan them and post them on here. I'd love to see other old Disneyland photos.


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          Re: Pictures from the past

          After going through a bunch of family photo albums recently, i came across some of my Mum's old Disney photos from the 70's/80's which I'll scan as soon as I can and post in here! I'm pretty sure they included the old subs and the skyway which I never witnessed as they disappeared either before I was born, or before my first trip

          I love the Circlevision photos by the way! Were there seats though? Or were you required to stand through the whole attraction? (sorry, don't know too much about that particular past-ride!)
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            Re: Pictures from the past

            Here are a few from the entertainment Dept.

            FoF, still my favorite DL show ever!

            The "Main Street" Electrical Parade!

            And finally the Country Bear summer vacation.

            I was going to add Some from the Lightmagic AP event, but theres to many so they will get there own post.

            But here's one I took from Disney's Pacific Hotel the day after the event.

            That one kinda makes me sad.

            Hope you guys like the pictures so far and feel free to post your own. It's fun for everyone.


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              Re: Pictures from the past

              These are awesome!



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                Re: Pictures from the past

                I love seeing the "old" stuff! Yes, if anyone has older pictures, please post them so we can all trip down memory lane!

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                  Re: Pictures from the past

                  I miss America The Beautiful.

                  Thanks for those great old shots! They bring back great memories!


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                    Re: Pictures from the past

                    In one America The Beautiful shot we see the waiting area with not 50, but 51 US flags. Unseen in this shot was a 51st made up of squiggly lines. Your hostess who introduced you to the attraction would entertain you and your fellow guests with trivia facts about the various states. She would then quiz guests about those same states flags and where they came from,. When she got to the unidentifiable flag with the strange pattern, she would introduce that one as being from the 'state of confusion.' If you got bored, you could always look up over your shoulder and see other guests quietly gliding by and perhaps waving from their 'Grand Circle
                    Tour' aboard the People Mover.
                    Great memories, and great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing these!
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                      Re: Pictures from the past

                      Thanks for the pictures. The Main Street Electrical Parade was great and the music from it is an indelible memory. I miss the America the Beautiful film, even though I can see how someone could easily get motion sickness. There was a lot of motion, in fact I think one of the scenes was where they drove down Lombard Street in San Francisco, the "crookedest street in the world." But I always enjoyed the film. The camera they used to film it is interesting too:


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                        Re: Pictures from the past

                        Oh wow, thanks for posting this, the pictures actually brought back memories of the CircleVision theater that I'd forgotten! I was there circa 1994 on a family trip to DL. Didn't catch more than a dozen rides or so, but CircleVision and the PeopleMover were in that short list.
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                          Re: Pictures from the past

                          Great photos! Thanks for sharing them!

                          Originally posted by penguinsoda View Post
                          so we can all trip down memory lane!
                          Watch out for that first step- it's a doozy!


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                            Re: Pictures from the past

                            Yes, Buzz is a lot of fun.

                            But WOW i miss those Circlevision movies. "Wonders of China" was especially gorgeous.
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                              Re: Pictures from the past

                              Wow... what great pictures. I am to young to remember America The Beautiful... Cricle Vision. Bummer.
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                                Re: Pictures from the past

                                Just in case anyone missed it, there is outstanding footage of Disneyland from 1961 or 1962, filmed for the movie 40 Pounds of Trouble with Tony Curtis and Suzanne Pleshette. I know it's been posted on this forum before, but the footage is so good it's worth posting again. About 15 minutes total of Disneyland in the early 1960s.

                                [ame=""]YouTube- Part 1[/ame]

                                [ame=""]YouTube- Part 2[/ame]


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                                  Re: Pictures from the past

                                  Getting off of the Monorail on Main Street- priceless! :lol:


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                                    Re: Pictures from the past

                                    The beloved Main Street Monorail station.


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                                      Re: Pictures from the past

                                      So here is Light Magic's very first public "rehersal"

                                      The floats/stages were huge.

                                      Sleeping pixies. :sleep:

                                      Tink's little house on top.

                                      Poof, Pixies are awake and dancing.

                                      Aww... Mickey dancing in his PJs.

                                      I know everybody has something bad to say about LM but I actually enjoyed it.

                                      I also have video from that night somewhere, if I find it I will see if I can get it posted.

                                      Hope you like them, couple more sets to come.
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                                        Re: Pictures from the past

                                        I really liked the picture of the Monorail going through the original parking lot. We used to love to play "I See Our Car!"

                                        I think I posted this before...somewhere..... but it shows the old Skyway buckets.
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