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Thanksgiving Dinner at the Disneyland Resort


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    Re: Thanksgiving Dinner at the Disneyland Resort

    This is funny. I sent an email to Disneyland guest services on Sunday asking them

    "Can you please tell me which Disneyland Resort restaurants will be
    having special meals for Thanksgiving and what the menus will be? Thank you.
    I just got a response from them (4 days later) saying
    I think that Linda needs to learn to read the email before selecting the appropriate canned response.
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      Re: Thanksgiving Dinner at the Disneyland Resort

      Originally posted by Dustysage View Post
      I go almost every year. Doesn't usually get busy until a little later in the day. Folks start to stream in after their Thanksgiving dinners in time for the Christmas parade and fireworks.

      See you all there
      It had never occurred to me to even think about going to Disneyland after Thanksgiving dinner, but that sounds like as awesome a way as any to try to burn off a few calories.
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