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  • [Question] Camera Policy Status?

    Anyone get stopped recently for bringing in a lens over 6" in length? I am a bit worried about my Nikon D700 and 70-300mm lens. The lens retracted is 5.5 inches long. I am bringing only three lenses to the park, but would hate to be turned away for trying to bring in "professional" equipment.

    I really wanted to bring my telephoto for the Storybook ride, but the 80-400mm is a bit bulky and way over he 6" length.

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    Re: Camera Policy Status?

    I bring in my 55-250mm lens without a problem. But honestly security never checks the compartment that I keep the lens stored. So they may not even see it. I really think you would be okay. I've seen people in the park with a lot larger lenses. Worse case scenario they would just ask you politely that you cannot continue to use that lens if they see you with it. From what I head they are a more stricter on the policy if there is a celebrity in the park because they think you could be the paparazzi.

    On a side rant I couldn't believe how many people in the park yesterday brought their tripods. Still can' believe Disney allows tripods but I can't bring in my shoulder camera video camera...grrrrr. Okay that's my rant, lol.


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