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Buzzlightyear Astro Blasters (my version)


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  • [Idea] Buzzlightyear Astro Blasters (my version)

    Ok I was Riding BLAB the other day and again my brain went straight to work. I was thinking about an enhanced Blab but with the technology of TSMM. Instead of a little laser Dot like it has now I was thinking about hanging a Scrim over the show scenes and Projecting the Targets and Ammo onto it, working the same way Tsmm does! And obviously the backside will be lit so we can see the entire show scenes. What are your thoughts? Will it work?

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    Re: Buzzlightyear Astro Blasters (my version)

    An interesting idea. There are several issues that might be avoidable, but the only issue that matters is one that I believe to be unsolvable, unfortunately: BLAB doesn't share TSMM's confined layout and use of zones where the vehicles don't move. That means that while your laser might look right from where you are, other people are going to see lasers that just look wrong all around them, and the computers would have to do an extraordinary amount of calculations based on where your car is, which direction it's facing, and even where you're holding the gun. TSMM doesn't have to deal with all of that because you're shooting with a gun that's in a fixed position relative to the screen, as is the vehicle.


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