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Disneyland coin location list

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  • [Fun] Disneyland coin location list

    Found it on a link i got on my Elephant Oddesey Lions penny - The official website for elongated pennies, penny books and penny machines

    DCA - The official website for elongated pennies, penny books and penny machines

    I might get one of the 09/10 holiday coins.
    never knew about most of these.. must be hidden in the park:lol:
    All i have is a Jasmine coin thats considered retired
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    Re: Disneyland coin location list

    Hey -

    I usually use All Elongated Coin and Pressed Penny Checklists to find the latest squished coin news and images. I've got a couple hundred ecs in the collection - it's an easy and inexpensive collectable - and mostly earthquake-proof.

    This years holiday nickel set is very well engraved.




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      Re: Disneyland coin location list

      Just a quick note since we are talking about pressed pennies here. I have many of the current on stage pressed pennies at Disneyland available for purchase. I also have a couple of retired pennies that are no longer available. If anyone is interested in any, feel free to contact me. Happy collecting!


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        Re: Disneyland coin location list

        These are great links! My daughter collects these, but she lives in Nor Cal now, I when I go to the resort I try to pick up a couple of them for her. This will make it easier for her to let me know which ones she does and doesn't have!

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          Re: Disneyland coin location list

          I was noticing the HM one's I have aren't on these lists. They have the Hitch Hiking Ghosts eerily on the back of each one.
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            Re: Disneyland coin location list

            Also..just found out theres a list on the Disney site.. im waiting to get my copy at City Hall
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              Re: Disneyland coin location list

              My kids love these things, one of the cheapest souvenirs!
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                Re: Disneyland coin location list

                They're cheap, distinctive, and they take up very little space at home. If I don't often get them, it's because I don't usually bring change with me to the park, and if I get change while I'm there, I tend to save the quarters for laundry.

                For the 50th Anniversary, though, I went around and got all 51 Magical Milestones pennies. I made sure all the pennies I used were new and shiny, and I keep them in a drawstring bag that I made just for the purpose. It's royal blue with the 50th Anniversary logo painted on it in gold fabric paint. City Hall gave me a checklist of all the Magical Milestones penny press locations. It was a lot of fun tracking them all down.

                In retrospect, I wish I had found a penny for each year 1955-2005, and shined them up nicely at home before taking them to the park. Just because that would have made the project, like, 14.3 times cooler. You wouldn't be able to tell after they were pressed, but I would know. "This penny is the same age as the attraction it has been altered to commemorate!" Doesn't that sound better than "Look! A pressed penny!"

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