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Tiki Room - courtyard?


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  • [Question] Tiki Room - courtyard?

    Hi guys! So I've been browsing this Disneyland postcard website (Disneyland Postcards – Disneyworld Postcards) and I stumbled upon this:

    Maybe it's the angle or something, but the main show building looks like it's way closer to the walkway than how I know it to be today...and then of course you have those posters, extra thatching, and queue.

    I'm 22, and I can't really remember the Tiki Room since the 50th - I did go see it not too long before it closed for refurbishment before then, but the experience is hazy in my memory (excluding the fact that I loved it and loved dole whips).

    Can anyone please explain the placement of everything in terms of this image to me? I'm fascinated with how attractions used to look as compared to today.
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    Re: Tiki Room - courtyard?

    The Lanai used to have walls all around it, separating it from the rest of the park. It provided a much more intimate environment, and started your journey into a land of joyous songs and wondrous miracles, much like the foyer in the Haunted Mansion does (except the joyous and wondrous bit ).

    That thatched roof you see next to the walkway just covered the turnstile into the Lanai. If you look closely, you can see the side of the building behind it (just look for the masks).


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      Re: Tiki Room - courtyard?

      found the information that I'm was lookfor.

      In 1976, sponsorship passed over to Hawaii's Dole Food Company, which remains the sponsor to the present day. Dole also provides the unique Dole Whip soft-serve frozen dessert sold at a snack bar near the entrance.

      Here the information link


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