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Whats the most you would pay for your AP?


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  • [Question] Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

    The price of an AP Premium rises every so often, If you are an AP holder what is the most you would pay for your AP Premium?

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    Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

    Once a year I feel the pinch when renewing my AP, but Its much better than buying a parkhopper pass once a month. I would think I would pay around 600 Even then I would save money


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      Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

      If the overcrowding problem is resolved, I'd probably go as high as $600.
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        Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

        It depends how many times I was preparing to go in a yearly period. If I were planning more than 3 trips to Disneyland in a 12-month period, I'd pay up to $400-$500.


        With all the discussion here about those who would like to see the death of the AP program and those who are "OMG APs BFF" I'd like to suggest a different product altogether:

        If the AP program were to disappear, what I'd like to see in its place would be a "Disney Frequent Visitor" program. For a yearly membership fee of $200.00 or $300.00, the guest would be able to visit on any day of the year.

        Each entry into the park(s), however, would require a $20.00 ticket.

        In this way, Disneyland becomes less "trivial", since everyone must pay something to enter. This stops the, "oh hey, I'm bored, let's go make the park crowded and all drive separate cars!" behavior (see, for example, Friday nights...) that SoCal residents seem to be embracing.

        • For Disney, it's win-win; they get a large up-front payment, and continuing payments from repeat visitors.

        • For actual out-of-towners (tourists), they get a park that's not been turned into a mall for spoiled obnoxious Californians.

        • For the old Passholder crowd, they still get a discount if they go regularly.

        If the AP program is ended (as it really needs to be...), I'd love to see them do something like this instead.
        Coming on a whirlwind trip 12/4 and 12/5 just to see the holiday decorations. Hope the park isn't too full of spoiled mall-goers to enjoy!


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          Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

          Great Idea Tiki, From a fellow Phoenix guy to. I love it. So far best idea on the AP system yet.


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            Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

            Just as a bit of comparable data - adult season ski passes at major ski areas range from about $400 right up to $1600, depending on restrictions such as midweek only, blackout dates, etc. Note that ski passes are for 1/2 of a year, at most.

            Ski areas have many of the same economic dynamics that DLR has:
            1) locals vs. tourists
            2) daytrippers/weekenders vs. weeklong visitors
            3) admission revenue vs. on-mountain revenue (rentals, lessons, food&bev, logo merchandise)
            4) high-season vs. shoulder season

            These dynamics are different at each ski area, with some areas being almost deserted midweek, while others attract lots of weeklong visits, and some areas having lots of upscale dining options and others offering not much beyond hot dogs and chili.

            Anyway, this gives some calibration on what the DLR market might bear. I'd guess that an unrestricted DLR pass at $800 still might sell pretty well, especially if that kind of pricing was phased-in.

            I'd also note that even a highly restricted dirt-bag-local (we use the term affectionately around here! ) season ski-pass sells for at least $300. Again, that $300 is for 1/2 of a year...and these passes are being purchased by young ski bums living on ramen noodles and peanut butter.


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              Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

              I live 3 hours away from Disneyland and just barely qualify for the Southern Calif. Pass. I remember the first time we got it it was $99. We go probably three times a year and go in the Park two or three days, traveling home on the last day. Right now we have the Premium Passports which were a gift. I think we have gone four times since we activated it, and will be there tomorrow for the book signing and Sunday for playing in the Park. How much would I be willing to pay? Maybe up to $300? Not sure as we usually just get the cheaper one and go on Mondays and Tuesdays.
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                Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

                I think of it like this, I'm getting access to the park for (more or less) an entire year. How often I use it doesn't matter, I'm paying for the whole year. That being said, I would probably stop forking over my cash once the rates go above $400-$500 or so.


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                  Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

                  In my current situation (living fairly near but far enough to justify only multi-day trips), not much more than they are now. I plan on upgrading the deluxe I now have to premium next visit. Aside from how far I am at the time, it would depend on the offerings at the parks at the time, and whether or not things have declined or improved.

                  I remember hearing all manner of stories of how relatively uncrowded it was during the so-cal blockout period last summer, even with the 3-day fun-pass and leftover 2fers. That seems to suggest that the price point for premiums and maybe even deluxes are fine as they are. If the so-cal'ers were discontinued, of course some would spring for deluxes, but there's no way all of them would.


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                    Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

                    If they did away with this payment plan nonsense, I would probably pay ANYTHING that would keep the average family from being able to afford it. Haha. But as the families are Disney's bread and butter, I guess my ceiling would be a few grand; anything to enjoy a Dland Off-season day like the ones I grew up with.
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                      Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

                      I think its enough now, no need to go up in price unless and third gate was added!!!
                      Happy Halloween!!!


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                        Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

                        If they charged $600 a child and $900 an adult it would save a lot of issue with local people taking advantage of the cheap price it is now. However, it is also the advantage of living so close to Disneyland that is the perk for AP holders.


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                          Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

                          It all depends...what can you guarantee crowd level to be? Right now I would spend zero on one.


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                            Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

                            Shhhh, nobody give an honest answer. Disney might be reading

                            Better all say "no more than $50", just to be safe.
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                              Re: Whats the most you would pay for your AP?

                              Originally posted by SCUBAbe View Post
                              It all depends...what can you guarantee crowd level to be? Right now I would spend zero on one.
                              I agreed

                              Iam already, and have been for many years a AP Premium holder!
                              Thanks to Disney ,I have not enjoy it this year!

                              If the overcrowding problem is not resolved by March I will not renew!!!

                              Last Summer Disney srew us with ther 3-day fun-pass and 2fers

                              I paid hard upfront money for my pass and what Disney
                              is doing have not been right........

                              Not fair... FOR ......AP Premium nor the AP deluxe !

                              *GET RID OF the monthy paidment plains altogether!
                              *GET RID OF the 2 lowest plains for Southern Calif. AP !
                              *Only keep ......AP Premium and the AP deluxe,only
                              AND only paid up-front!

                              If you can not afford to paid now,
                              and that means you living month to month,
                              get now and paid later...of life! > and going to Disneyland ?
                              ther something wrong here ! ! !

                              THIS IS MY OPINON
                              Last edited by Eagleman; 11-27-2009, 09:00 PM.
                              Soaring like an EAGLE !


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