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Favorite Old Disneyland Resturants


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  • Favorite Old Disneyland Resturants

    My favorite no longer there Disneyland resturant was:

    Tahitian Terrace

    I loved the chicken and fruit punch. The show was the best!

    Anyone else?
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  • #2
    The Fish and Chips served at the Captain's Gallery, instead of that awful McD's potato things..

    But then, I also remember being able to actually catch fish on Tom Sawyers Island as a kid (you rented a fishing pole near where the bathrooms are)... Glad we never ate those
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    • #3
      Big thunder BBQ.

      I just loved it, the whole chuck wagon campfire thing....we had so much fun there.
      We always timed it so we were there at dusk... enchanting


      • #4
        Originally posted by Tinkerbelle
        Big thunder BBQ.

        I just loved it, the whole chuck wagon campfire thing....we had so much fun there.
        We always timed it so we were there at dusk... enchanting
        This would be mine as well. It was such a good idea and they got rid of it. Oh well. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm getting used to all this Disney guest neglect...


        • #5
          Big thunder BBQ.

          Hands down.... I really miss that place. Good good and a good value.
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          • #6
            I loved the Village Haus by the Pinnochio ride. I always used to look forward to the Woodcarver, which was a Chili cheeseburger. I was plenty ticked when they changed things up...


            • #7
              Add another for Big Thunder BBQ.

              You truly forgot your were in a theme park. It had a nice touch right down to the metal trays and checkered tablecloths.
              Disneyland allows me to escape the everyday stresses and routines of a Southern Californian resident.

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              • #8
                Originally posted by jstylzz
                I loved the Village Haus by the Pinnochio ride. I always used to look forward to the Woodcarver, which was a Chili cheeseburger. I was plenty ticked when they changed things up...

                Village Haus is gone????


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                • #9
                  1. BT BBQ for the food and atmosphere
                  2. The pirate ship restaurant in Fantasyland (the name escapes me at the moment) - not so much for the food as the atmosphere and fond memories ....
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                  • #10
                    First choice would be Big Thunder BBQ. The food was consistently good and flavorful (remember those huge turkey legs) and great value. The ambience of the place and quiet gave one a wonderful break from the crowds. At dusk the Disney Cats might be spotted slinking around the area. I remember a family sitting near us one evening and their little boy was so excited about the appearance of one of them. He was sure it was a Mountain Lion he was seeing.

                    Runner Up is Captain Hook's Pirate Ship and Skull Rock. Chicken of the Sea originally sponsored it and they had the best tuna sandwiches for a quick lunch on the run. Hardly qualifies as a restaurant but it had loads of atmsophere and was one of the original attractions. I wonder if future generations will have such fond memories of the Tortilla Factory in DCA.
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                    • #11
                      Carnation Gardens back when it was a a restaurant. When I was a young girl, our family & friends used to eat dinner there. It was a fun tradition.
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                      • #12
                        Top 10 "I'm still craving list"

                        1. Tahitian Terrace circa 1970s.
                        2. Aladdin's Oasis dinner show with smoking genie lamps.
                        3. Sunkist Citrus House and I Presume
                        4. Coke Terrace in 1967 Tomorrowland with the rising stage.
                        5. Top of the Park at the DL Hotel.
                        6. Original Soda Fountain @ Carnation on Main Street!
                        7. Maxwell House Coffee House with the mocha cake.
                        8. Frito Kid machine
                        9. Plaza Pavilion with Spaghetti
                        10. Carnation Plaza Garden's Ice Cream and big band thing.

                        I'd put the ranch but it's reopening.

                        Although these aren't all bonafide restaurants, they represent those amazing signature tiems you crave when you come to the park.
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                        • #13
                          I loved the Tahitian Terrace and as a child/teenager was in awe of the fire knife dance. The food was good and reasonably priced. I was sad to see it go.

                          I also liked the original Carnation Cafe (where the Main Street Bakery is). They had a great roast beef and avocado sandwich called the Crossroads of America, and a large selection of sundaes (Splash Mountain, Matterhorn, Snow White, Big Thunder, etc.)

                          Most of all it was reasonably priced table service which is hard to find at either park.


                          • #14
                            Resturants missed

                            I would have to say:

                            Sunkist Citrus House
                            Dole Whips on a hot day (But they are returning : > )
                            The Old Menu at PCH grill inside the Pardise Pier Hotel. The new menu stinks : > (

                            Lastly, nothing like getting a Pancake Breakfast at Aunt Jehmima's (now the River Bell Terrace) Even though you can still get the same food the ambiance was better back then - Probably because I was much younger when visiting back then too.



                            • #15
                              Add me to the list of Big Thunder BBQ as well.

                              I also miss talking to a live person to order food at Taste Pilots Grill. Those machines are a waste of money since the person at the counter still has to enter in the order for the cooks to fill out. Whose brilliant idea was that? Adding computers for self service is not cheaper than keeping on an employee especially since most of them are part time anyways.

                              But what I really miss is the days of cheaper prices.


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