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  • [Question] Buying Tickets

    I am not sure if this has been discussed yet or not, but I want to give it a shot. I was looking for discount tickets online (you know, the recession and all ) and i found tickets on an aution site that ends in bay... People use the first two days or so then sell the remaining days at a discount price. If I remember right they have your name printed on the ticket. Do these tickets work without problem? My dad says you have to show your ID but I don't remember if we do or not. Does anyone have any advise???


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    Re: Buying Tickets

    I wouldn't be surprised the least bit if it was a scam.


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      Re: Buying Tickets

      1) There's no way to prove how many days remain on a Multi-Day Pass
      2) Tickets are non-transferable
      3) Sounds shady :thumbdown


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        Re: Buying Tickets

        First, i would just like to point out that it is ok to say eBay on this site. You just can't reference a specific seller or auction.

        I have seen these people selling one day of a multi-day ticket. The ones that do it regularly meet you near or in the park in the morning to give you the tickets, then meet you in the park later in the day to get the tickets back from you (presumably so they can sell remaining days to someone else). From what I have seen on these peoples feedback, there is no problem with Disney checking ID and not getting in. However this whole process is highly against Disney rules, but I don't see how it can be enforced and maintain the speed of entry into the park.

        Good luck finding discount tickets.


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          Re: Buying Tickets

          I just got my tickets for disneyland that I ordered from, they are like a credit card, however, they do not have your name on them, they simply state whether it is an adult 10+ ticket or a child's 3-9 ticket. I would think all the tickets are like this, but I don't know for sure. Hope that helps.


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            Re: Buying Tickets

            There are no names and they don't check ID. however, tickets are non transeferrable and Disney will gladly confiscate these tickets from you if they are able to catch you. The have undercover security all around the main entrance to stop the scammers that are selling unused days. they bust people doing this all the time. problem with ebay or craigs list is you don't have any idea if a ticket is good or not until you get to the park. Then it's too late and you've been scammed. The economy being as it is causes innocent people such as yourself who are trying to save a buck to become suckers that end up paying more.

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              Re: Buying Tickets

              Moderator Note:

              Folks, this is an innocent question that comes up fairly often. It is against the terms of use of Disney ticket media for anybody but the person who originally used the ticket to use it. Since we are about playing by the rules, this is not a practice we support or will be discussing here on MiceChat.

              Thanks for your understanding.

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