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    Hi Guys! We got home just a bit ago from DL. My mom, Daughter and I went specifically for Candlelight but decided to hang out for the whole day. It was a great day. Candlelight holds a special place in my heart. I've been part of a participating choir for 11 years and was unable to sing this year for the first time without my choir. (we weren't accepted in 08 for the 1st time in 16 years) We got a decent place to stand near the back by the Mad Hatter and began to wait and wait to hear the Harold Trumpeters start the show with their fanfare atop the train station. This was the first time actually watching the performance. Not only did I have goosebumps the whole time but I got pretty emotional at parts, especially during my favorite songs. As I stood there holding my 1 1/2 year old in my arms and quietly singing along I felt the magic that Disneyland has given me each year around Christmas. I've always said that Christmas doesn't start for me until after Candlelight and right now I feel more Christmasy than I ever thought I could, I hope that my daughter will say that one day to. It is truly a special program (no matter your religion it is still beautiful) with music that will warm your heart and, in my case at least, bring you to tears with it's beauty. Tonight, standing in the group of strangers, I felt like a kid again, smiling from ear to ear and brimming with excitement at the wonder of it all. I'm so glad that I was able to share this special show with my family. Hopefully next year I'll be back up on that stage but if not I would be more than happy to stand in the back and take it all in.

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    Re: A Mini Candlelight TR

    Aww! So glad that it was such a great experience for you!
    Good morning, son
    In twenty years from now
    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
    And I can tell you 'bout today
    And how I picked you up and everything changed
    It was pain
    Sunny days and rain
    I knew you'd feel the same things...



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      Re: A Mini Candlelight TR

      I'm with lalalex! Here's my post from an earlier thread.

      I just got in from Sunday's early show. As always, one of the most precious and beautiful spectacles in the world.
      There as nothing anywhere in Disneyland as breathtaking as that first moment as all of Main Street and the town square go totally dark and the hundreds of candle bearing choristers begin filling up the steps on Min Street Sation's steps.
      This was a great year for Candlelight, and I already eagerly await next years event.
      First Visit at the age of 12, July 17, 1968.
      First Ride, The Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad.


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