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Disneyland Tickets on Ebay- Please read!


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  • News Disneyland Tickets on Ebay- Please read!

    I am on Ebay, and I see some Disneyland tickets. They sound sketchy (no..I am NOT going to buy them, but I have been curious about this for a while..). Below is copied and pasted from the Ebay listing:

    "We can ONLY meet the morning you are going, a little before or around the time Disney opens about 1 mile away from Disney at our office (note park hours as they do change frequently)
    WE DO NOT SHIP TICKETS, we must meet in person to exchange the ticket"

    "With tickets in hand, you have all day to enjoy both parks.
    Towards the end of the day, just before California Adventure closes, you will go back into Disneyland to meet us and give back the tickets. You will be inside Disneyland when returning the tickets so after you can stay till close or leave when you want. If you have less than 10 feedbacks OR 5 or more tickets we require a valid I.D. for the day for the tickets.
    Please do not bid unless you agree to these terms and conditions"

    How sketchy does this sound? What is going on here? How in the WORLD would somebody trick the Disney system with all of their monitoring, PR, and inside security measures?
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    Re: Disneyland Tickets on Ebay- Please read!

    pretty sketchy. I'm surprised they didn't say they'd kill your family if you didn't return the tickets. lol


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      Re: Disneyland Tickets on Ebay- Please read!

      to me it just sounds more of a hassle than anything else

      my mom was looking at those tickets too
      but we just ended up buying tickets from AAA
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        Re: Disneyland Tickets on Ebay- Please read!

        A ruined trip isn't worth saving a few bucks.


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          Re: Disneyland Tickets on Ebay- Please read!

          I'd say that there is something fishy going on.


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            Re: Disneyland Tickets on Ebay- Please read!

            The first thing that comes to my mind when I read the listings is this: How in the world do people get the tickets? If they do pay for them, they must be making bank. Second, why do they need the tickets back if they're one day park hoppers? (Possible counterfeits?)

            Anyways, this is completely illegal via Disneyland rules as is, so regardless if it's sketchy it's not allowed.


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              Re: Disneyland Tickets on Ebay- Please read!

              I know people buy the Trick or Treat tickets for sure off ebay (how can they not, so maybe people just buy up tickets and sell em on ebay, it's kinda unavoidable if you don't buy them on time.)
              But as for the normal tickets? ... ehh, I don't really think (most) people are that desperate. But who knows, maybe somebody will share their story about this. haha.


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                Re: Disneyland Tickets on Ebay- Please read!

                Since this has recently come up in another thread, I'm going to borrow what MickeyMaxx posted in that thread when it was closed.

                Moderator Note:

                Folks, this is an innocent question that comes up fairly often. It is against the terms of use of Disney ticket media for anybody but the person who originally used the ticket to use it. Since we are about playing by the rules, this is not a practice we support or will be discussing here on MiceChat.

                Thanks for your understanding.

                Thread closed.

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