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  • [Question] AP Apperication Days @ WOD

    Did anyone go to the sale at WOd on Dec 5th? What merchandise was 50% off and what were the free gifts?

    I see they are doing it again this Saturday and next Saturday and I was thinking of visiting DLR for the last time during the holiday season next week and was wondering if it was worth it to be at WOD at 8am???


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    Re: AP Apperication Days @ WOD

    20% off all Vinylmation (excludes pins and keychains)

    Up to 50% off selected styles of:
    Adult Fleece
    Ladies Bags
    Neck Pillows
    Ladies Tank and Boxer Sets
    Apparel (Boys, Girls, Infants, Adults)
    Hot Cocoa mix
    Designer Art Mugs
    Collectibles & Figurines
    Disney Traditions Sleeping Beauty Castle by Jim Shore
    Sleeping Beauty Castle by Precious Moments
    Star Wars Action Figures
    Don't forget:
    The World of Disney opens at 6:30 a.m., and the special offers are valid until 9:30 a.m.
    You must show a valid AP or DVC membership card to shop during the Early Shopping Opportunity.
    The first 1000 shoppers will receive a free gift. (We hear it's a Vinylmation figure)


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      Re: AP Apperication Days @ WOD

      My wife and I left the kids with the in-laws at the hotel and went to the "supposed" sale at WOD. IT WAS A TOTAL JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were there at 6:30am, waited in line for over an hour, and there was NOTHING on sale. Yes of course there were a few items....but let me give a small list of what was not on sale. Hats, clothes, toys, jewelery, mugs, frames, pictures, etc, etc. I was so mad I left. I was so ticked off that I wanted to go to City Hall and complain. It's bad enough that prices are high, but to be misled, assuming this was a big special sale was terrible. The discount coupons of 20% you receive for eating at certain places throughout the park were much better. I got up at the crack of dawn to pay full price, when I could have slept in and saved 20%....which I did later. A big thumbs down on Disney for this terrible "sale".

      On a side note, I'll have a trip report coming up...we were there for 7 days. Except for this one bad experience, we had a great time!
      Stockholder and Walt Disney Autograph holder!!


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        Re: AP Apperication Days @ WOD

        My trip report is up on the maddness this caused.


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          Re: AP Apperication Days @ WOD

          I was an early morning this past Saturday. Up at 4:15 to head to World of disney for the free vylmation gift for the first 1000 people. When we got there the Down town Disney parking lot was pretty full. We got there at the all so early hour or 5:41 in the morning. Now it was time for the cold treck through all of down town disney to get to World of Disney. This is when the maddness began people running past you to get in line before you. It was crazy people were pouring into down town disney. Oventually I told my fiancee to leave me behind and hurry up to garrentee we were part of the 1000. I had heart surgery so I can't walk fast or run. He said he would but he wanted to keep me in his sight.

          When I finnally got down to World of Disney I could believe how many people were there. I was questioning if we had made it or not. There were tons of people a head of us. The line snaked down world of disney. At the end of world of disney it snaked back and forth like a ride que. The it was broke off. We were in the next section to the left people were weiving around the other side of the street security was in the middle so noone could walk to the espanade to the park.

          The next part of the line the people after us started down to the tram loading area back to the unloading are and down the tram walk way leading to the structure. We noticed the people in the first group by world of disney had papers. When we asked them what they were they said they printed it off from home. Kinda fishy everyone thought around us. Every single person printed off the same piece of paper. So someone went to envestigate and ask them what it was they said a sheet of what was on sales handed out by a cast member earlier. Right then a riot almost broke out everyone wanted one of thoughs papers, so magically the cast member found more and gave us all one. Then the guy behind us brought up a good question. Why isn't the structure open knowing everyone had APs and probally wanted to go to the park. The cast member said it will open at 6:30 and you can move your car. That ment everyone inline would be creating a traffic mess trying to park in the structure. Yay Disney. Alot of people voiced there opinions over this. We didn't care we were planning on leaving any ways.

          Next they started hand out wrist bans I asked if this ment we were part of the 1000 she said no it just ment we showed our APs to get in. The cast member in front of her told someone yes it ment they were part of the 1000 and would get a gift. There was alot of confussion between all the cast members. All of them were giving out different info. I personlly think they just weren't informed well on what was going on. Then I noticed they were using the wrist bands from the pin trading events.

          Next they came around and started handing out clear trash bags to put your stuff in because they don't have carts. Yay it was time to go in. They let the first group in 5 min later they let our group in. It was a feeding fressy inside. Alot of people had there trash bags full and were asking for another. We went straight for wear they were handing out the free gifts. They cut off our wrist bands and gave us a free 3in vylmation figure. I was happy. Then we desided to look around. There was alot of stuff for 3-5 dollars door buster sales. People were digging in the boxes and I heard someone yelling someone else took something straight out of there hands. We ended up getting a black duffle bag on wheels for 10.00 normally 20.00.

          We didn't go to shop just to look around and get the free gift. When we left they were all out of wrist bands but people were still coming the line was even longer now. It was arround 7:10 when we started walking back to the car. We desided to sit on a bench and see what color figures we got. I got a bright yellow one and my fiancee got a green one. We switch how green is my fav color. When we got back to our car all of down town disney lot was full. Then we headed home to take a nap. All and all it was pretty fun.

          If you are thinking to yourself you wish you were part of the maddness they are doing it the next two Saturdays 6:30am-9:30am. There are some pretty good deals just get there early. We are planning on going back for more free figures.


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