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  • [Other] I Dream of Disneyland

    Disneyland is absolutely, positively, and by-far my most frequent dream setting. Sometimes in my dream it appears very much like actual Disneyland; in other dreams, it really doesn't resemble Disneyland much, and yet I know that I am "at Disneyland."

    One time I dreamed that I was standing in front of my house, and in a flash of inspiration I began to chant "Disneyland ... Disneyland ... Disneyland ...." I rose up off the ground, in flight, and marveled that I hadn't thought to try this any sooner. I understood that the "think of a wonderful thought, any happy little thought" lyric from Peter Pan's "You Can Fly" was a fact!

    Any other Disneyland dreamers?

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    Re: I Dream of Disneyland

    Oh, for sure...I don't remember many of my dreams these days, but when I make a concerted effort to recall them, Disneyland crops up a lot. I don't think it's the most common setting for me - a lot of dreams are short, uneventful, mundane, and just slightly bizarre - but it definitely happens a lot. And it's NEVER anything like the real park.


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      Re: I Dream of Disneyland

      Oh yes, lots of times - and various lands, too. The Autopia would be a long involved ride. The rooms over Main Street would be apartments (one dream I wouldn't mind realizing!). There would be an exit at the Jungle Cruise - which had wooden walkways next to the boat's water trail, kind of like supermarket aisles - and I always thought that exit was to another land, but it went outside the Park and ended up in a bad part of some town and no way to find or even see Disneyland once outside. Frontierland would be odd, with the canoes roped next to the sidewalks and the other boats having hardly enough water to move in.

      Those are just some of the parts of different dreams.
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        Re: I Dream of Disneyland

        YES! ALL THE TIME!

        most recent was last night actually... I had a dream that there were these confusing tunnels underground that would go to many different places in the SoCal area, Disneyland included. There was actually a tunnel to each land in the park. And I got in a heated argument with my sister over where the Tomorrowland tunnel ended. I was insistent that it ended near the Space Mountain queue. And I was VICTORIOUS! :imtheone: except it was on a second level in an enclosed queue with a glass wall overlooking Tomorrowland. it's hard to explain...

        Disneyland never looks the same in my dreams though. It's so weird. Sometimes it bears a little bit of resemblance though.


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          Re: I Dream of Disneyland

          Glad to know Im not allone!
          sometimes I dream that I am with Walt Looking at the park now and he is yelling about how certian things arnt right and we get kicked out because noboddy belives he is walt disney then Michael Eisner comes in and stabs him in the heart and blows up the matterhorn with a steam train! (maybe I am allone on that one)
          but every time I dream about it walt is there. I never met him but in my dreams he isnt like the uncle walt on tv he and I wander through the park sharing a bag of popcorn and a pack of smokes having a good time!
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          Scary: your post is dripping something. Tastes like sarcasm.
          Originally posted by Karalora
          This is excellent news! There are all sorts of good changes to the park that we were promised when Hell froze over.
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            Re: I Dream of Disneyland

            my most remembered dream of disneyland was when i was a little younger

            i was at the park, barefooted, and i was only able to see great moments with mr lincoln, and nothing was really more of a nightmare to me.

            but i've have plenty of other dreams, especially being on micechat right before i go to bed
            and then i have other dreams of disneyland, but it's not really disneyland, but in my dream it was disneyland
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              Re: I Dream of Disneyland

              I've had a lot of dreams about Disneyland, mostly about trying to get there and not being able to, or that I'm there, but everything's different than it really is.

              Once, I had a dream that I had only been in the park for a few minutes, when I suddenly found myself standing alone in front of Small World. The clock doors opened in eerie silence and reveal that it was - Midnight! The park was closed. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

              In another dream, I was in some old walk-through attraction themed to the Alamo in Frontierland, and was thinking (in the dream) about how I had read that it was going to be closed down soon on MiceChat.

              I've also had several dreams where I find out that they've built a Disneyland in the town I live in, but I seldom manage to actually get there before I wake up.

              I talk about Disneyland so much that recently the editor of the paper I write for told me he had a dream about me being at Disneyland. He said I was scuba-diving into the park from a new underwater hotel!
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