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A Short Trip 12-10-09


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  • Trip Report A Short Trip 12-10-09

    This is my first time writing a trip report. I figure I have been here long enough and am due for one. I have enjoyed reading everyone else's reports so I decided to contribute mine. Let's cross our fingers hoping the pictures work.

    This was a spur of the moment trip, as most of our trips are. We decided it was a perfect day since it was cold outside and there was a chance of rain. We figured this would keep most people away. So, we bundled up and brought an umbrella with is, just in case. It was a smooth trip in the freeway and we parked on Daisy.

    It was already getting dark outside and there was hardly anybody waiting to get on the tram. It appeared as if everyone was leaving since the clouds were growing dark and looked as if it were going to start raining at any moment. Through bag check and off to DCA for an hour before it closed.

    The place was like a ghost town. Screamin' had a line because they were running one side and I *think* three trains so we grabbed a FP. TSMM was a short wait so we joined the line. It was an enjoyable ride but in the beginning our vehicle stopped short and didn't match up with the screens so we didn't get to practice like you normally would. By this time it was almost closing so we rode Screamin' and headed to Disneyland.

    It was a bit more crowded but the lines were very manageable. The longest wait I saw was for Indy with 20 minutes. Everything else was a walk on. We stopped to get something to eat at The Golden Horseshoe since it was indoors.

    Don't you love that angle? When it was taken we were actually sitting outside on a bench and snapped it really fast.

    Moving on, after dinner we went to HMH which had a short wait as well. Since there was a line pictures were taken outside.

    All dark and mysterious.

    This one obviously got into a fight with the Christmas lights and lost!

    According to this countdown XMAS is here!

    We walked around and did some attractions and headed to Fantasyland to do IASW. Of course, we had to take a castle shot.

    Isn't it pretty! We stopped to look for a little bit and then headed off to our final destination.

    I like the lights on here too. Who am I kidding? I love all the lights! By the time we got off it was close to closing so we took the long way around through Tomorrowland.

    Oh, Space Mountain. The attraction I like to ride as a guest was also the attraction I hated working as a CM.

    As we were walking down Main Street the announcement came on telling us Disneyland was closed. It was an enjoyable day with little crowds. If only all days I went were like this. Oh, the umbrella was useless to us the entire night. In fact, it didn't start raining until we got off the tram at the end of the night. I'm going to make this educational and leave you with this.

    This trip report was brought to you by the letter A which stands for Awesometastic Aubrie.

    Hope you guys liked my first trip report. This took longer than I thought! Well, if the pictures are too big I will resize them later but I think, scratch that, hope I'm good to go.

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    Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

    :clap: Yeah! Congrats on your first trip report! Now that you've done one, you can do MORE!!!

    Nice job! Glad the crowds were not bad and you had a great time!

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      Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

      Very cool report. Love those night shots and you nailed them!~


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        Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

        Thanks Jodie and Chad!

        The writing of this report wasn't bad, it was the resizing of the pictures, lol. I was going to do a trip report of my day at Sea World from last week but I think I'm going to be putting that one off for awhile. :lol:


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          Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

          [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/pc/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG]I LOVE Disneyland Christmas Lights! Thanks for the awesome pictures and report. I live way too far to be able to enjoy DLR on a regular basis, so trip reports are my way of living vicariously!
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            Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

            Good first Trip Report! It's really awesome when you go on a weekday. No lines, and everything works out.

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              Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

              The lights were beautiful. I always have to stop and stare at them for a little while.

              Weeknights are awesome, especially when the park is open until 11 and it is dead like last night.


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                Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

                Woo having your TR cherry popped! Great report. I love having spur of the moment trips as well. Had one on Wednesday as a matter of fact


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                  Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

                  Wow I love the Castle shot, and the SM shot!


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                    Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

                    Really good TR!! Great pics. I like the variety, you covered a lot of ground in only an hour.

                    I love it when the park is nearly empty. It's a great experience. To me, it more than makes up for lousy weather.

                    For a first TR, you did an outstanding job. I know it took a bit of effort, I sure appreciate you sharing your experience with us.



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                      Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

                      LOL, awesome, Aubrie!! Great job!


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                        Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

                        Beautiful Pictures PC.... I loved your report

                        Well done:bow:

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                          Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

                          Thanks everyone!

                          I forgot to mention that when we got off the tram Tony Baxter was standing over by the bag check tent. Totally random and he was standing by himself too with nobody around, just watching people and smiling as they walked in.


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                            Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

                            I love the pics of the castle and small world!!! Great TR!
                            So after 2 full days in a row of walking around disneyland and a four hour practice, I finally understand why my doctor told me to take it easy on my knee I still cant wait to do it again

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                              Re: A Short Trip 12-10-09

                              I love the way the HM looks on the out side, this time of year.

                              Great first report!
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