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Hidden monkeys in Haunted Mansion Holiday.


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  • News Hidden monkeys in Haunted Mansion Holiday.

    If this has already been posted, I apologize, but I just discovered this tonight:

    In HMH, in the ballroom scene I noticed on the lower left side of the room and close to the ghost playing the organ, there is a very miniature ghostly couple dancing. My friend pointed out that they looked like little monkeys.
    After the ride, we asked a CM. They explained that originally, HMH was supposed to have a little monkey in every room but the imagineers scratched the idea last minute. So now, every year, the refurbishers hide the small animals around the mansion. This year they only hid two. In the attic, right before you leave out the window, look behind you to your left and you may see a small monkey bride with a beating heart. The dancing couple is a new addition this year, according to the CM's. Anyone else know anything about this???

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    Re: Hidden monkeys in Haunted Mansion Holiday.

    That's pretty freakin cool. Hope someone gets photos or video of them soon. Holidays are almost over! This should be someone's homework! ;o)


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      Re: Hidden monkeys in Haunted Mansion Holiday.

      Yeah they were supposed to be little Symbol crashing monkeys! Theres one in the pet cemetary on the outside too!


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        Re: Hidden monkeys in Haunted Mansion Holiday.

        If I recall the way I heard it, it originally did have the monkeys but the problem was they were store bought and not really up to the task of running 24/7 so they broke all the time and were discarded. The little monkeys placed throughout and that creepy little doll smashing the cymbals are tributes.


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          Re: Hidden monkeys in Haunted Mansion Holiday.

          Totally cool! For a minute there I thought I titled my novel incorrectly....
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