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Disneyland Park TR - 12/11 (LOTS of pix)


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  • Trip Report Disneyland Park TR - 12/11 (LOTS of pix)

    So last Monday was my 24th birthday, but I couldn't go to the park since I still had another day before I graduated from AIT @ Ft Sill so instead I went this past Friday with my girlfriend instead. At least I got there the week of, lol... Was one of the best trips to the park in a long time, with barely any wait and lots of great memories made. But enough jib-jab, on to the pix! And there's a lot...

    We arrived at the parking structure at 9:30 and parked at the Daisy level.

    Security lines were the shortest I think I've ever seen on a Friday, and the ticket gate lines reflected that.

    A look at the floral arrangement in front of the Main Street Railroad Station.

    The first look at the tree in Town Square - With me sporting my Birthday pin!

    Close-up pic of the tree

    Nikki and I in front of the tree

    A look down Main Street towards the Castle

    Our first ride of the day was Indiana Jones... practically a ritual now since leaving working the attraction nearly 2 1/2 years ago. Queue sign posted a ten-minute wait, which was just about right. The new AA was really neat to see and I'm glad I didn't look at any YT video of it to get a nice surprise out of it. Afterward we headed over to Big Thunder just incase the inclement rain caused a closure later in the day. Was about a ten minute wait, and was fun as always. Following that we headed to go see the Reindeer, as Nikki had no idea about the attraction, and had never seen a real life one before.

    They definitely look a lot different than they're portrayed to look, lol.

    Went over to Fantasyland next to ride Casey Jr... another first for her.

    We got the last car, facing forwards.

    Love this area.

    Off to Storybook after Casey... yet another first for Nikki (so deprived!)

    Decided to do Small World after that, since the line was so short (5 mins) and we knew it'd get ridiculous come night-fall.

    Strolled into Toon Town after that and after going on Roger Rabbit, went on Gadget's Go-Coaster which was (you guessed it) another first.

    Went to go see Mickey in his house afterward and saw Minnie greeting her guests in front of her house. Nikki really liked the Christmas tree in front of her place.

    Minnie's Wishing Well


    Mickey was dressed in his Fantasia outfit that day.

    Took a long walk to Space Mountain thereafter and waited about 30 minutes to get on. We were seated in the fifth row so I decided to just stare up at the ceiling the whole time. It was... interesting. Definitely feels slow anywhere but the front. We grabbed FP's on the way in to return later in the day. Buzz had practically a walk-on so we hit that up. Was doing pretty good (about 205K) through the warp room (right before the finale) and then the ride stopped and our scores stopped adding up, while everyone else's still worked, so that was pretty weak. Our pic didn't even show up either, so that was kinda a letdown. Exited directly into Star Tours after that, since who knows when I'll be back to ride it again before the switch happens.

    Off to get some Castle pix after that...


    Out in front of the Castle

    One of my fav shots to always take when in the park.

    Looking down Main Street towards Town Square

    After heading down to Town Square we set up camp to get a good spot for the parade... even though we weren't sure if the impending rains were going to cancel it or not. While waiting character after character came out giving us many chances to have photos taken with them.

    Chip first, whom Nikki was "Friends With" while she was a CM at WDW through the College program.


    Goofy (like I really need to tell you guys who we're with, lol)


    Mickey (first in line! )

    My Fav (besides Mickey, of course)


    Alright... story time again. Back in July Nikki visited the park for HER birthday with two friends. They ran into Fairy Godmother and asked her help to find herself a Prince Charming. She said she'd do what she can... less than a month later we started dating! So we see her come out and Nikki's eyes light up with happiness, you could just tell that she wanted to tell her that her wish came true. We walked over to her as she was walking towards us and started telling her the story...

    She was pleased to hear that she had found her Prince Charming and posed for a pic with her.

    Fairy Godmother went off to go take more pictures with people and Nikki got a seat on the bench in to the left of the RR station entrance stairs. I went up and took some pix of Town Square/the station and came back down to sit next to her. We then saw Fairy Godmother walking across the street heading backstage when she see's us sitting together on the bench and make's a B-Line to us. As she got closer she asks the couple next to us if they could take a picture of the cute couple with her! lol...

    The couple seemed confused so we told them the whole back story and they thought it was pretty cute.

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    Re: Disneyland Park TR - 12/11 (LOTS of pix)

    While waiting for the parade, I took some shots from above our seats...

    Dunno why but really like this pic of the train coming into the station...

    Missed it by about a week or so...

    Just a couple of characters waiting to watch the parade...

    It's starting!

    Nice pic Nikki took that I would've missed...

    Two trees, one shot...

    Yeah it's blurry but I really like this pic...


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      Re: Disneyland Park TR - 12/11 (LOTS of pix)

      Wait times around 4PM

      Mark Twain getting ready for the finale Tiana performance of the day.

      Had no idea what to expect... thought the show just started on the boat, didn't know they danced through NOS to get to the boat and then have it sail of, so that was pretty neat.

      Came right up to us! Totally unexpected...

      Just about ready to set sail...

      Went back to TS after that to see the Flag Lowering Ceremony (another first for Nikki)

      Dude's been there for as long as I can remember...

      The Band

      Old ones >>>>> New Ones

      Looks like there's a glow around the tree...

      And she's lit!

      Tried to frame it so that the topper was in the Mickey head... but the space in the wreath was too small.

      Rain was coming down pretty good after that.

      Wasn't sure if they still did that Enchanted thing every 15 mins... and they didn't, so just took a long-exposure shot while we were there.

      So funny story here... I wanted a pic of me here at the center of Disneyland, so I got down on one knee to get the pic and this guy walks by and says "Are you proposing to her?" I jump up as fast as I could and go "Oh God no..." Felt really bad for Nikki after it, because It sounded bad to her but my divorce hasn't even gone through yet! lol...

      Waiting in line for Peter Pan!

      Sweet fire hydrant... tea cups were closed due to weather.

      After heading over to NOS and going on HHM, decided to go on Pooh to see if an old friend was working.

      Then we went and did a full-circle on the rail road, starting at NOS. Once we got exited we went and got a nice spot on the bridge over the POTC queue entrance to watch Fantasmic!.

      Left just after that to go get a last-minute (literally) spot for the fireworks...

      Got a great spot right in the middle of Coke Corner and the Photo Supply store right up against the rope...

      Sadly the snow was canceled due to the weather.

      Went over to Tomorrowland after for the final ride of the night... Space Mountain... front row!

      Heading out for the night...

      Disneyland Christmas Tree > Chicago Bean

      Neat lil shot...

      Last tree shot...

      Last shot of the night...

      Hope you enjoy the pix/stories...

      Sadly that's probably the last time for me to visit the park in awhile since I'm heading out to my duty station (Ft Sill, OK) Jan 3rd, dunno when I'll be back.

      If you'd like large versions of any of these pix...


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        Re: Disneyland Park TR - 12/11 (LOTS of pix)

        Awesome TR! Love all the pics! It's refreshing to see all parts of Disneyland at one time.


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          Re: Disneyland Park TR - 12/11 (LOTS of pix)

          Great report and wonderful commentary. Thanks for sharing your special day!


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            Re: Disneyland Park TR - 12/11 (LOTS of pix)

            Great report and awesome pictures, good job.
            "It matters not how strait the gate how charged with Punishments the scroll I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul" -- W.E. Henley


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              Re: Disneyland Park TR - 12/11 (LOTS of pix)

              Here's a vid of the tree-lighting ceremony that night...

              [ame=""]YouTube - Disneyland Tree-Lighting Ceremony - Dec 11, 2009[/ame]


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                Re: Disneyland Park TR - 12/11 (LOTS of pix)

                I love the pictures! Also, the video of the lighting ceremony was cool! I never knew they had some sparkling effects on the tree! Amazing!


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                  Re: Disneyland Park TR - 12/11 (LOTS of pix)

                  Love the night shots. You were there for my Birthday, yay!!


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                    Re: Disneyland Park TR - 12/11 (LOTS of pix)

                    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, thanks for sharing these! I loved looking at them!


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