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Indiana Jones Adventure music


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  • Indiana Jones Adventure music

    Hey guys. I love the soundtrack used for the Indiana Jones Adventure. John Williams is such an incredible composer, and his music for the Indy movies was so perfectly adapted for the ride. Can anyone tell me what tracks from which CDs correspond to the different parts of the ride soundtrack?

    For instance, the music begins with the theme that represents the Ark in Raiders of the Lost Ark. I would want to know which movie this music is from, and which track on the movie soundtrack--and so on, for each distinct piece of music that is incorporated into the ride. I saw this done once, but I can't find it now. Thanks for the help, Indy fans!

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    Re: Indiana Jones Adventure music

    These are the cues and themes I'm sure of:
    1.Chamber of Destiny/ Hall of Promise-
    Tracks-The Map Room Dawn 2:17/Journey to Nepal :18 (Raiders)
    2. Tunnel of Torment/Gates of Doom
    Track- The Miracle of the Ark 4:03 (Raiders)
    3. Overlook-
    Track- End Credits :06/ Map Room 2:13 (Raiders)
    4. The Mummy Room-
    Indy's First Adventure 6:44 (Last Crusade)
    5. Bug Room
    In the idols temple ::36 (Raiders)
    6. Rolling Ball Room-
    (Similar to) Belly of the Steel Beast 3:43 (Last Crusade)
    7. Finale With Indy next to Ball-
    Flight to peru 1:18
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