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Somewhat confirmed but not official [doors on trams]


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    Re: Somewhat confirmed but not official [doors on trams]

    I think this will be a lot like the various station gates found on some of the attractions. Initially there was a learning curve for both the public and the CM's. People got caught in the gates. CM's didn't know how to time the opening/closing of the gates. Chaos and slow load/unload/dispatch times. Eventually a pattern emerged as more and more people went through the process. Once the majority of individuals figured it out and the bugs were worked out things went back to a normal pace. Now we have gates and for the most part don't even think about it.

    So initially I think the doors will be a delay. However in the long run I think it will be something like what Monorail Man described.

    As to the lawsuit I believe the point of contention was the speed of the vehicle and not the actions of the individual. If you read the article, the one suing was not the one who fell asleep. She is the one who grabbed the sleeping person attempting to save them and in the process also fell out (thereby hitting her head on the pavement). The injuries were initially treated at a local hospital (if I had to guess it would be St Joe's) and from the description her injuries were pretty serious. The legal question posed was in regards to the safety of traveling in a moving vehicle without doors irrespective of the speed. the trams sit pretty high up, and I've had to grab my own kids on the curve to keep them from sliding. I really think from a safety standpoint this is a good step.

    If the install point is a tent in the parking lot then I question just how many "bells and whistles" will be included in these doors. My "guess" is that this may be a "test and adjust" point and not necessarily an install point. Eventually it would be nice to have automatic doors with magnetic locks. I don't know if Disney will foot the bill for it, but from an efficiency/safety standpoint they may not have a choice.
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      Re: Somewhat confirmed but not official [doors on trams]

      PeopleMover... the tram has always been an inefficient and outdated method of transporting people from the parking structure to Disneyland. They needed to make it a temporary setup while the real transportation system, the Walt Disney PeopleMover, was installed. It's way more efficient and looks better as it glides overhead, and they have a captive audience for a while so they can use an in-car speaker system to announce stuff and tell people what's going on nowadays at the Resort.


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        Re: Somewhat confirmed but not official

        Originally posted by Monorail Man View Post
        Call me in the minority, but I like this idea, for a handful of reasons:

        First of all, it will solve the problem of parents not understanding that their children shouldn't be sitting near the edges, should make dispatches faster.

        Second, the problem with people exiting the wrong side will be gone. Those doors don't get opened.

        Third, when they close the doors, there will be no more boarding. As it stands now, they make the call, but they still have to wait if people just keep continuing to board (this is especially a problem at WDW).

        This all seems logical to me.

        I'd have to concur with you Monorail Man. As silly as this case-study sounds, (Three elderly asian women fall off Disneyland tram when one of them falls asleep. Also, the woman who suffered the fractured skull was not the one who fell asleep) the doors on the trams seem to be a feature long overdue. If one asks the elderly to walk for up to ten hours in an amusement park, especially when having to care for a child (in the case of this most recent lawsuit, the woman's niece) one must assume that as soon as they can rest their feet, said elderly person will be inclined to dreariness. Personally, I know my parents can doze off quite easily in a movie theatre. I'd have to assume that they'd easily try to catch a nap on a tram after a long day at Disneyland. I'd be shocked if this was the first case of someone falling asleep on the trams. Disneytwins noted earlier in this thread that they themselves are inclined to a little post-park nap on occasion. Frankly I'm surprised Disney hasn't rectified this potential hazard already. With all the other logical reasons that Monorail Man posted, and yours truly quoted, why haven't the doors been added? My mother and father are in their sixties and seventies respectively. I know I'd feel significantly better about attending the parks with them, knowing the trams had doors. Sure I can keep an eye on pops, making sure he doesn't nod off. However, after a long day at the big D, I might be too tired to notice.
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