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January Vanity Fair - pixar movies


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  • [Other] January Vanity Fair - pixar movies

    So in the January 2010 VF with Meryl Streep on the cover, there is an article assessing the past decade. One of the categories was 'Pixar movie' and it says this..

    pixar movie that changed our lives irrevocably: The Incredibles
    pixar movie you had to be there for: WALL-E
    pixar movie already forgotten about: Cars

    I found it funny that VF labeled Cars as the movie people have already forgotten about when Disney is currently undergoing the Carsland project. But looking at stats it seems obvious that Cars would be in that category. Every pixar movie has gotten a rotten tomatoes rating in the high nineties except for cars, which recieved a 75%. Cars also recieved the lowest worldwide gross than any other pixar film this decade. So now I'm confused why Cars 2 would be in production for pixar when it seems to be one of their worst films. The only reason I can think of making Cars 2 is to help promote Carsland? I'm also unsure how much The Incredibles 'changed our lives.' I can't think of anything that made the incredibles so great compared to the other pixar films (of the decade so toy sotry 1 & 2 and a bug's life are not contenders).


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    Re: January Vanity Fair - pixar movies

    I think the Incredibles changed "thier lives" by the differnt style of vintage art in the film. Thats what I personally loved about the movie.
    Also it was based on a family not soley one hero. And also had a real family issue adressed...infiedilty.
    I think that was probably a shocker for most family movie goers who would not expect that from a Disney-Pixar film.


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