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  • Trip Report Christmas Merriment...

    On Wednesday the 16th, the wife and I decide to hit Disneyland before the crowds and mayhem of the last AP day on Friday. Our plan was to shoot photos of the Christmas decorations in California Adventure and put together a photo/slideshow set to music like the one I did for Disneyland. Once in California Adventure, it became very clear that that slideshow would only be about 15 seconds because there wasn't much Christmas decorations up, aside from the little Santa meet n greet in Paradise Pier, DCA was sorely lacking in Christmas spirit. So the mission quickly became to just take pictures of whatever caught the cameras glass eye. Here are a few of them.

    Here's the usual crowd in the Animation Acadamy. Kind of sad.

    Having both the Big Fig and this painting, I couldn't resist this shot. After all, who doesn't love Jessica Rabbit.

    I know this was just a store display but it was the prettiest Christmas display in DCA.

    Since there wasn't much to see in DCA, we headed over to Disneyland to partake of their holiday pretties. Once in, this guy was happy to greet us with a smile.

    This guy was also happy to give us a smile, but I guess that's his job.

    Then we headed to Santa's Reindeer Roundup for more of the X-Mas Spirit. Mrs. Claus and Pluto were more than happy to oblige.

    Needing a boost in enthusiasm we strolled over to New Orleans Square just in time to catch Princess Tiana's Showboat Jubliee. I know I've posted pictures of it before but I just love capturing the spirit and emotion of the performers. They really give it all they've got and make it a great show.

    This girl just has an infectious smile.

    After the Jubilee, we were pretty pumped about Princess & the Frog, so we went to Downtown Disney and saw the movie. We truly enjoyed it but were sad to see only about 15 people in the theater. After that, it was dinner at Storyteller Cafe and then home. All in all, a lovely day.
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    Re: Christmas Merriment...

    Really nice photographs. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!


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      Re: Christmas Merriment...

      Hot Sauce - I was just looking at these shots yesterday on Flickr and was hoping that you would post some so that folks here on Micechat would get to see them. I love your perspective and the expressions that you have captured in so many of these. Thanks for posting these amazing photos! :bow:


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        Re: Christmas Merriment...

        I love the castle picture! Thanks for the trip report Hotsauce 1!

        I do believe in fairies. I do. I do.


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          Re: Christmas Merriment...

          WOW, great photos! I must say the Mickey Wheel with the Christmas tree is my fav!


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            Re: Christmas Merriment...

            Wowee wow, I am amazed by your amazingly beautiful shots! I am now too embarrassed to post the pics I managed to get on my December trip!

            Seriously though, thank you for sharing these...I love 'em.
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              Re: Christmas Merriment...

              Awesome, clear shots! Very nice work!
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