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Last days for my AP :(


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  • Trip Report Last days for my AP :(

    Sorry no camera this day(only cell pics)
    Dec 13 was the last day for my DLR AP. And Boy, was it the Best! even tho it was 3 1/2 hrs.

    Here goes, We parked at the Pinocchio Parking for dtd parking since the normal dtd parking was full (as always).
    The bag check lady was mean, well, she made my unzip my jacket and empty my pant's pockets. weird. she must of been sexist or racist cus she didn't check the other ppl. oh well.

    we entered DCA. I went on CA Screamin (walk on) and both sides were loading. Then the carousel since it was a walk on. TSMM was 25mins and right when I was going to get on!!! it broke.
    so went on CA Screamin and the line got longer since TSMM broke and they only used one side of the loading area (less trains)
    then Tower (13mins wait) and the middle tower wasn't working since low capacity.

    Went to DL, WOW! Splash Mnt. was empty we rode it twice without getting off. All 3 logs in front and back of us were empty.

    This pic shows the ride was a ghost town.

    Indy was 15min wait.
    Then watch fireworks. I waited 5mins for this spot.

    Space Mt was 10mins.
    Then Left. Bye DLR!
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    Re: Last days for my AP

    Mine is up for renewal next month! I cant believe it's already been a year. :0

    Post photos, we want to see....


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      Re: Last days for my AP

      idk if this goes on this thread but oh well. someone should move it....
      Dec. 20. Last day for my USH AP. Best trip for USH.

      is it me or does the garland look like Main Street USA

      Parking is $14. OMG.
      Simpson's Ride was fun. The queue was exciting since you're watching TV while u wait(DLR parodies) lol Plus it has 2 pre shows.
      Mummy was 5min wait. Space Mt is better but Mummy is more scary. OMG, the queue scares me a lot.
      Jurassic Park is nice but boring. it's scraier than Splash Mt. Then again Splash isn't really a thrill ride as much.

      Then Met famous ppl at this wax place.

      Real Snow

      Anyways they give VERY GOOD DEALS. We used the buy one meal & get one meal free(my meal was free since my dad bought one), 40% off merchandise(we bought a Sponge Bob Clock), Free tics to this Wax Museum (regular $25per person).
      Ones we didn't use. The "Private" Meet n Greet w the Grinch was VERY long. I mean it's only free cookies, cocoa, and Lanyards. The normal meet n greet had a shorter line. I didn't use the Free Parking if u watch a movie.
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