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  • [Fun] If you ran the DLR...

    Here is another what if scenario for you...
    You have been a fan of Disneyland resort all your life and decide to work at Disneyland when suddenly while sweeping popcorn off Main Street your manager comes up and tells you that you are now in control of Disneyland Resort and what is going in what is leaving and how much they can spend!
    Start telling me what you would do to the resort now!
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    Originally posted by sediment
    Scary: your post is dripping something. Tastes like sarcasm.
    Originally posted by Karalora
    This is excellent news! There are all sorts of good changes to the park that we were promised when Hell froze over.
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    Re: If you ran the DLR...

    First things first. FIX TOMORROWLAND AND DCA!
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      Re: If you ran the DLR...


      I would try to act like Walt- know most CMs by name, visit the parks very often, and always remain positive.
      I would also make sure that everything is working perfectly and make sure rides go down when they must.
      I would also drop ticket and food prices.
      I would also make sure that Tomorrowland got an extensive refurb, as would Frontierland.


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        Re: If you ran the DLR...

        Improve food/drink before all else.


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          Re: If you ran the DLR...

          I'd keep all the artwork from that place next to Mr. Lincoln and sell it them ebay. I'd also try driving a tram. On a public road.

          Oh and live in the dream suite.


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            Re: If you ran the DLR...

            Fix the one cause of all of DL's problems ASAP.


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              Re: If you ran the DLR...

              I would close the gates, move into the Dream Suite, and enjoy Disneyland all by myself until it went out of business.

              Just kidding, maybe.

              It's a rather open-ended question, where to begin?

              In general, I'd try and bring the park back in line with Walt's original vision. Provide better food at a reasonable price would be a big change.

              I wouldn't eschew thrill rides altogether, but I'd look at adding attractions that serve everyone.

              I'd upgrade the Winnie the Pooh ride to Hunny Hunt, and do something with the People Mover track.

              I'd review the annual pass program & pricing in general, to keep the park profitable without it being stuffed to the rafters so often.

              And then on day two I'd...
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                Re: If you ran the DLR...

                1. Food - do 2 things. 1 Offer better food, but perhaps at higher price or where prices are now and 2. have cheaper food alternatives.

                2. I would redo the Hungry Bear Restaurant, and I would renovate it into a food/show location with a return of the Country Bear Jamboree. Make it sort of how the Golden Horseshoe is in terms of food/entertainment.

                3. Bring back the Peoplemover - the tracks are there, who knows where the cars are, but this is something that people have been clammoring for, at least on this site.

                4. I would extend renovate Rivers of America, expand it to meet up with where the Hunchback Festival of Fools was, and I would create an ampitheatre there for Fantasmic. I love Fantasmic, but between it and the fireworks, the park is clogged in too many areas. People want to watch Fantasmic, great, head on back to the ampitheatre and watch while those who want to ride rides and enjoy the park can do so.

                5. Re-do Tommorow-land - Innoventions, Honey I shrunk, arcade, Pizza Port, the ridiculous location of the all needs a major overhaul.

                6. Fastpass option for Matterhorn and Nemo?

                7. I might explore getting rid of Toon town...just seems like congestion and not much back there that is overly exciting. How about "Yesterland"? Back there where some old rides and attractions are returned like the Pirate Ship tuna sandwhich joint or other things that will make people remember those great memories of trips past.

                8. Expand the Monorail? I know this might be tough to do because not every ticket is a "hopper" but I think having stops in DCA, perhaps at the hotel or in the hotel might be good? It goes through there anyway, and then you would have to show tickets to get on/off?

                9. Would it hurt to have a few more Dole Whip locations?

                10. Bring back the boats? It seems much of the water channels are now filled in with some green sod like surface when you are on the Monorail or Autopia, what used to be water below now seems much less.


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                  Re: If you ran the DLR...

                  Originally posted by BC_DisneyGeek View Post

                  And then on day two I'd...

                  lol!!! thats funny!!!


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                    Re: If you ran the DLR...

                    Food system overhaul for sure, but prices more than likely would have to be raised.

                    Besides that, all cast members would have to wear giant churro costumes. Just for fun.
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                      Re: If you ran the DLR...

                      Originally posted by Goover View Post
                      Improve food/drink before all else.
                      High-five! Easily the weakest part of the parks. It's not attractions or entertainment or shopping or cleanliness or crowds really. It's the food and drink situation. Poor food, poor choices, long waits, and terrible prices.
                      If I can get through the line at POTC faster than getting a pre-heated overpriced burger. Something is wrong.
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                        Re: If you ran the DLR...

                        My only thing to do would be to remove Star Wars form Tomorrowland and put in Alien Encounter and Star Trek.

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                          Re: If you ran the DLR...

                          I would visit every other Disney Park in the world. At each one I'd take extensive photographs and videos, get data their businesses (crowds, prices, profits, etc.), also spend a day or two in cognito as a random guest to see what the guest experience is like (wait times, entertainment, customer service, food quality, etc) and whatever else is necessary to research what exactly makes these parks work and what doesn't. Then I'd go to DL/DCA and do a top to bottom sweep of the _entire_ park and look at the data for what needs to be done.

                          I'd like to see
                          -More variety and higher quality in the food and products they sell
                          -A little shakeup in the live entertainment department (don't get me wrong, the live entertainment is great there, but I feel like there's more out there)
                          -Refurbishment/Upgrades in areas that need it (i.e. retouch paint, upgrade tech, etc.)
                          -More original rides and attractions
                          -Revamping the ticketing system so that that there's not so much conflict between regular tickets and AP holders so that the parks can still make money while being less crowded and costly to the average attendee.
                          -And most importantly, make sure everybody who works for the parks whether it's the president to the imagineer to the ride operator that they keep Walt Disney in mind when it comes to creating the magic at the parks and that strive for quality and change when necessary.

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                            Re: If you ran the DLR...

                            Start at lowering prices. Just my say.


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                              Re: If you ran the DLR...

                              I would refurbish Hungry bear but leave it as it is, open and overlooking the Rivers. Second, i would redo Tomorrowland from top to bottom. I would return the lead program and remove a lot of managers IE get the CMs back into the show. Improve food service and prices.
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                                Re: If you ran the DLR...

                                blow up tomorrowland and start over with a new concept make it all space themed or something along those lines
                                expand toontown! I like the concept just needs more space and rides that blend in! An E ticket mickey and friends ride
                                Add in at least 2 more sitdown resturants as well as better food in the counter service locations
                                expand adventureland by far my favorite but gets so congested it is hard to enjoy at times
                                seating area for fantasmic so that you dont have to lose 3/4 of the park to crowds watching fantasmic
                                Finish DCA remodel continue with the concept of making mickey a focal point!
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                                  Re: If you ran the DLR...

                                  I would:
                                  - Add more character experinces(I.E. Tea Party with Alice and Friends)
                                  -Instead of Removing Toon Town I'll remodel it by removing Roger Rabbit and That rollercoaster and add more rides with Mickey and Friends
                                  - Remove Big Thunder Ranch
                                  - Move Winnie the Pooh to Fantasyland
                                  - Add more walk-around characters
                                  - and add more themed, original attractions at DCA
                                  Originally posted by MainStreetJake
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                                    Re: If you ran the DLR...

                                    One word

                                    So after 2 full days in a row of walking around disneyland and a four hour practice, I finally understand why my doctor told me to take it easy on my knee I still cant wait to do it again

                                    AEROSMITH FTWW!


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                                      Re: If you ran the DLR...

                                      Well, I'd definitely try to improve Disneyland and California Adventure, but I'd also pay attention to the details, like try to get to know local park guests better, as well as the Cast Members. I would also listen to fellow fans and cater to them. I would do all I could to improve prices and quality on everything, including food and merchandise, and get more merchandise for people to incorporate Disney into their lives 24/7, without breaking the bank.


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                                        Re: If you ran the DLR...

                                        Originally posted by Dukenukem View Post
                                        I would return the lead program and remove a lot of managers IE get the CMs back into the show.
                                        Leads have been back for the better part of a decade now...


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