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Disney Gift Card: Where Can I use it?


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  • [Question] Disney Gift Card: Where Can I use it?

    Hello everyone.

    I have a question about the Disney Gift Card. So, I was wondering if I could use it at the AMC theaters at DTD to buy movie tickets, even though it is not a disney owned store, but is on the disney property.

    I called the Disney GC services and the man who helped me said that I could use it at any store as long as its on at the Disneyland Resort.

    If you have an opinion, please post it. I don't want to waste a trip over to the parks if I'm going to get "No" for an answer.


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    Re: Disney Gift Card: Where Can I use it?

    Disney Dollars, yes. Those work anywhere on a US Disney Property. Disney Gift Cards, no. Those can only be used at a Disney owned store. And unfortunately, you can not buy Disney Dollars with a Disney Gift Card, unless you happen to have a Gift Card with less than $10 on it and CA Law allows you to unload that off a Gift Card.


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