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Great moments with mr. Lincoln


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    Re: Great moments with mr. Lincoln

    While I too have issues with Miley on the wall, the idea behind those pictures is to tie the experience together. Before you go in, they have the small versions of the statues that are apparently in WDW, the spirit of Adventure, the spirit of innovation, the spirit of education, etc. So you start there, sit and watch the American experience that is the Lincoln show, both the preshow and the Lincoln speech, then when you exit, those pictures are supposed to represent MORE "spirit of" Americans. So yes, some photos of Armed Forces men and women would also make sense, but so do Actors, Singers, Elected Officials, important men and women from our country that represent various "spirits" of their own.


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      Re: Great moments with mr. Lincoln

      First I must say I'm very pleased that Great Moments is back.

      On the technical side of things I'm a little disappointed.

      The audio has been scrubbed and cleaned up. Over all show audio is good, but there are portions where it sounds a bit muffled, and not as sparkling as it could be. This could be due to the fact that they have not up graded the speakers, or that the volume is a bit to low, and or that the acoustics in the theater are 45 years old -and some of which (the rear wall) have been painted over and are now reflective rather than absorptive. Some of these effects was diminished when the audio from the "Disneyland: The first 50 Magical Years" was blasted at us.

      But the theaters audio deficiencies really comes across at the rear of theater (dead center second to last row)- when the Lincoln figures speaks, he sounds like he's speaking through a cardboard tube. Also when viewed from the front of the theater (second row dead center) the voice seems to come from the sides of the theater rather than from the figure itself. It's only when one sits near the center of the studio does one get a sense that the audio is acutely coming from the figure, but it is still off because the audio is coming from behind the figure, in the boxes under the pillars near the floor, and we get an odd reflection from the floor.

      I think they missed an opportunity to really play up the Battle Hymn of the Republic. It would have been really nice to start the song from behind Lincoln and as the song grows it moves around the and encompasses the theater with its brilliant majesty. This would be most moving.

      As for the animation. the body still comes across as wooden, and the hands are little unexpressive, especially when one compares the often manic yet organic and strong movements of Tom Marrow. Lincoln needs more strength, and determination in is animation.

      Another pet peeve of mine is when Lincoln stands. He's all legs. If this animitronic were a real person he would have the thighs of an iron horse. Even a horse has a hard time standing. Though the animation is an improvement over the past, he still has no weight when standing. Lincoln was also a tired man, and a tired man does not spring from his chair. What would be very cool is to see one of his feet move back to a center of gravity, and push from one of his thighs instead of the chair, and kind of roll out of the chair. As he finally moves into his upright position, his hips would move in under him and he would adjust his footing.

      I'm not complaining folks these are just corrections that would make the illusion of life even better.

      I'm not sure if I'm liking the addition of Golden Dreams at the end of the program. In each of the 3 times that I saw the show the audience was confused. It was only when the house lights came up did everyone figure out that the show had indeed ended. It would be better to go into the overture as the house light come up, and Golden Dreams could then take over in the lobby. For me it was a weak link in the total presentation -besides Miley Cyrus on the lobby wall. What a great disappointment to see that do-nothing along side such great and accomplished people.

      A touching tribute in the lobby would be to have a video screen that displays the images and names of the fallen service men and women from that week.
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