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Does an AP renewed online expire before mailed?


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  • [Question] Does an AP renewed online expire before mailed?

    Hi y'all,

    I got my premium Annual Passport renewed online about two weeks ago. Last week, on Wednesday (12/23), I went to Disneyland with my old ticket. I got into DCA without any issues, bought a couple of gifts with my AP discount--no problem. Got into Disneyland Park--no problem. But, about 6 PM, I was buying a gift at Pooh Corner when the CM told me that my passport had become "invalid" and was not available for the discount. I pointed out that the expiration date had not yet passed, so she called her manager. It took about 15 minutes of talking and overriding the computer before I could get the darn 20% discount. Just to see if it was just that shop or if it was my passport, I bought something at the Emporium a couple hours later--same problem. After more talking and overriding, I got the discount.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem before? It was frustrating that my passport had been deactivated by Disney when I had yet to receive my new card. Thanks!

    EDIT: I probably worded the title wrong...oh well, it won't let me change it...
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    Re: Does an AP renewed online expire before mailed?

    Any time you Renewed Online Your Old AP is No good.
    You have stop By guest service.
    Castmember will give you a one day hopper pass.
    Also Tell the castmember that you are going shopping may be give you a card that work.

    You got luck Most time I get stop at the gate.

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      Re: Does an AP renewed online expire before mailed?

      ^^ Correct.

      If you've already paid online and the new pass hasn't arrived yet, you'll need to speak with a gate attendant to gain entry. Present your old pass and explain that you have already renewed online but the pass hasn't arrived yet. They'll have you step aside for a moment while a lead or supervisor checks your status and then lets you in.
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        Re: Does an AP renewed online expire before mailed?

        Same thing happened to me. I renewed online and hadn't gotten my new pass yet. I just went to the gates and told them that I just renewed. They just overrided it and I went in, no problem at all. The only problem I had was buying food or merchandise. They had to call a manager to get my new Pass bar code to be able to use it. It took quite a while.


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          Re: Does an AP renewed online expire before mailed?

          They did that to us a couple of years back. Tickets were in the mail. Passes were good for another week, but when we got to the turnstiles, they said invalid passes.
          We had to get a supervisor to let us in.
          I understand why they do it, so that people won't try and cheat the system, but it was kind of annoying.
          That was at least a couple of years back.
          You'd think that they would have it figured out by now.


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            Re: Does an AP renewed online expire before mailed?

            When you renew your pass do you get a 20 dollar discount when your premium or deluxe ????? Im going to renew my pass on New Years Eve but im going to the park ???? and will they let you in if you renew on the day your going if in the park
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