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Photo Trip Report, 12/16 and 12/17/09


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  • Trip Report Photo Trip Report, 12/16 and 12/17/09

    Here's some pics from my tradition Christmas trip to DL with my mother. We arrived late on Wednesday (12/16) due to traffic, so we decided to go Thursday, too (*gasp!* Last Unblocked AP Day!). Actually, we didn't have too much trouble with crowds or long lines. The longest line I waited in was Roger Rabbit on Wednesday night, which was about 40 minutes.

    Here are some pics. Most of these were taken by my Mom, unless she's in them in which case they were taken by me.

    Small world at night:


    The "Partners" statue and the "snow covered" castle:

    Tiana's Showboat Jubilee:

    The performers were very talented, but the music was very theme-park-ified (to be expected, since it's a theme park show, but I would rather have heard Tiana solo on "Almost There" without her backup boys.) Also, we felt that Facilier should have turned Naveen into a frog (using a puppet or something) at the end of "Friends on the Other Side" - though maybe that would have seemed too much like a retread of the movie.

    I met Tiana! She looks just like she did in the movie!:

    (actually, this was the promotional display in our local movie theater): 

    Gooooood gryphon :

    (Taken in the Haunted Mansion Holiday Fastpass area)

    The gryphon statue as a frame for a picture of my gryphon character, Ballad Quill:

    (Photoshopped, obviously )

    Mom and a statue:

    Looking up at Small World:


    Me and Walt at the World of Color construction wall:


    Mom and Ariel:


    Whispering an idea into Walt's ear in the Blue Sky Cellar:


    Mom kissing Walt on the cheek:


    Walt handing me a pen. Or me handing Walt a pen. Either way, it's pretty cool :


    A close up of the Main Street Christmas Tree:

    Standing in front of a poster for the Phineas and Ferb Christmas Special (which was very good, by the way). I'm doing a triangle with my hands, representing the show's triangle motif:

    Standing at the "Brently Avenue" sign near Denny's in Camarillo - a new tradition started on our previous trip (my name is Brent):

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    "Happy Working Song" parody for DCA remodel:

    Retro Rant Review of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame II" (comedy review of direct-to-video
    Disney sequel):
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Retro Rant Review of "Home on the Range" (comedy review of Disney movie):
    Part 1:
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    Visit my site:

    Pratfall the albatross superheroine visits the Carthay Circle Theatre.

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    Re: Photo Trip Report, 12/16 and 12/17/09

    Fun TR! Thanks for sharing animagusurreal!
    Home away from Home.


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      Re: Photo Trip Report, 12/16 and 12/17/09

      Great pics, thanks for sharing them!


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        Re: Photo Trip Report, 12/16 and 12/17/09

        Quite an entertaining TR. Good job!


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