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    Everytime I go to DL, I stop in at City Hall. I always file a complaint of "having too much fun". Also, if a CM goes out of their way to make my day magical, I file a compliment at CH. Compliments go a long ways toward thanking that CM who made your day a little better. If this thread has been discussed before, I apologize.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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    Whenever I'm there I make a note of of any outstanding cm's or really reallly bad ones(only happened once mind you)and then I email DL when I get home. I love to send in emails regarding really outstanding cm's and hope that the things that they have done so well get noted.

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      Originally posted by Druggas
      Everytime I go to DL, I always file a complaint of "having too much fun".
      so thats why fior a while they were taking things away... :lol: :bow: :lol:

      I do this sometimes... I usually dont have enough time to interact... i usually get to WDw on busy days for some reason....


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        We've "turned in" quite a few CM's that performed above our expectations. It's a good feeling to give someone a compliment to a supervisor. I just hope that they get something out of it.

        City Hall is our first stop in the Park. We make the birthday call to Goofy and get the birthday button for the kid that we are celebrating for. They enjoy hearing, "happy birthday" all day long by the CM's.


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