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The Feb. Buzz at Disneyland


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  • The Feb. Buzz at Disneyland

    You would have thought it was the Summer this week at Disneyland. It was so crowded that even the very seldom busy attractions had lines. Even the rain didn't stop the crowds from comming. The visitors endured the freezing rain and wind. I'll probably never forget riding the Sun Wheel with the rain blowing sideways through the cabin.

    It was tough to say goodbye to Mr. Lincoln. After so many years of this amazingly life like robot, it may be shelved for good. I managed to see one of the last shows on Monday.

    The Magic is really comming back to the park. Tomorrowland's new paint scheme looks so much better. Now, if only Mary Blair's work could be uncovered and restored, it would be a much happier place. The talking trash can was really fun to watch. It seems like park now has more small shows that appear around the park from time to time, and it makes the whole experience much more fun.

    Buzz Lightyear should be opening next week, according to unnamed park informants.

    The whole park looks much better about a year ago. A huge amount of landscaping, painting, and repairs have been made. Great work Matt Ouimet and team!!!!

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