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world of color


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  • [Question] world of color

    Does anyone know if the addition of the world of color will make DCA a full time park (open until midnight)?
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    Re: world of color

    a little later perhaps but not untill things get opened TLMM then i think it will be full time but not right away, maybe untill 10pm or so initialy ..
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      Re: world of color

      yes, when WoC opens the plan is to extend park hours and keep it open later.
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        Re: world of color

        ok cool. :captain:
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        You know what they say- The party don't start 'til Jordon walks in.
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          Re: world of color

          Can't wait.

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            Re: world of color

            I'm think that DCA can stay open two more hour 6 pm now will Be 8 pm

            Like old 8 pm will be come 10 pm.
            We will wait and see.
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              Re: world of color

              From LA Times blog:
              Sneak peek: Scene-by-scene preview of World of Color water show at Disney’s California Adventure - Travel -
              Sneak peek: Scene-by-scene preview of World of Color water show at Disney’s California Adventure

              I watched with awe Thursday as Steven Davison pantomimed his way through a sweaty and breathless preview of the World of Color water show coming to Disney’s California Adventure in spring 2010.
              For those who’ve never had the pleasure of watching a performance by the Walt Disney Imagineering vice president of parades and spectaculars, it’s a treat to behold and a sight you’ll never soon forget. I’m always worried he’ll pass out from hyperventilation or hyperbole.

              World of Color, which blends the nighttime spectacle of Disneyland’s Fantasmic and the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, is the first major addition of a $1.1-billion makeover planned for Disney’s California Adventure through 2012.
              The water show will feature an array of dancing fountains, movie projections and lighting effects all tied to the original Sherman Brothers musical score from Disney’s Sunday night television show of the 1960s and ’70s.
              As best as I can determine from my furiously scribbled notes of Davison’s thousand-words-per-minute summary, here’s the scene-by-scene rundown for the 25-minute World of Color show:
              * The show opens with laser lights painting the night sky to the classic Sherman Brothers “Wonderful World of Color” song.
              * Tinker Bell sprinkles pixie dust that enchants a famous quote by Walt Disney, causing the “D” in Disney to chase the fairy around the lagoon.
              * An orange fountain, dubbed Little Squirt, makes his first appearance as the mischievous spirit of Walt Disney.
              * The green Spring Sprite from “Fantasia” creates a World of Nature on the one-acre lagoon canvas.
              * The Colors of the Wind segment, utilizing “water butterfly” fountains, incorporates the song “Just Around the Riverbend” from “Pocahontas.”
              * Heimlich from “Bug’s Life” brings on the April Showers segment, which transitions into a raging sea storm.
              * Employing a “paper animation” technique, the “Alice in Wonderland” segment includes Alice, White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat.
              * Little Squirt returns during the “Little Mermaid” segment, which includes the songs “Part of Your World” and “Under the Sea” and features a fountain conga line.
              * Crush from “Finding Nemo” surfs on the East Australian Current.
              * Humpback whales from “Fantasia 2000″ breach and splash before sailing off through the stars.
              * Wall-E and Eve dance a water ballet during the Colors of the Universe segment, which features full-projection water domes.
              * Woody and Buzz from “Toy Story” play on a “water bed” in the Infinity and Beyond segment.
              * Carl from “Up” arrives in his balloon house before the music transitions to “A Whole New World” as Aladdin and Jasmine fly by on a magic carpet.
              * The story grows dark during Color of Fear, which features fire effects and a number of Disney villains, including the Firebird from “Fantasia” and Dr. Facilier from the upcoming “Princess and the Frog.”
              * The wildebeests from “The Lion King” rush at the crowd in a water stampede.
              * During the World of Tears transformation, a million points of light shine as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Beast are awakened with a kiss.
              * Tinker Bell and Little Squirt return during a finale that washes the lagoon in a kaleidoscope of color.
              * An encore utilizing “The Incredibles” symphonic score may or may not end the show.
              My fingers are tired. I can’t wait to see the real thing.


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                Re: world of color

                All depends on whether they can draw the guests to make it feasible - if they can fill the place up and run two shows summer weekdays and three on the weekends, they'll stay open later.

                They try to run it now on a "One Shift" shortened day because they aren't getting the crowds, and you can do most every ride in a day comfortably. And there really isn't any evening draw to keep people there right now, the Electrical Parade has finally worn out even it's residual drawing power.

                If they totally rebuild and revamp the Electrical Parade they'll probably move it back to Disneyland and maximize the draw for it - but they would have to spend several million on it. Could be done, if they seamlessly blend fiber-optics, LED's, vastly improved and miniaturized moving lights and float running gear. Oh, and totally new units and get Don Dorsey to write new tracks for them.

                The 'World Of Color' show and the Pixar Play Parade (or another recent recycle) will probably carry them through this summer, and WoC will be a multi-year draw - but they really need to come up with something much better in the Parade category for next year. As well as thinking up something new for the Hyperion.

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                  Re: world of color

                  DCA open 'till midnight... that'll be the day.

                  It will be a nice park by then.


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                    Re: world of color

                    Thanks for all the input! I have read from disney itself that when carsland opens it will be a full time park which was the main reason to redue the park to help ease some of the burden from DL itself and make the whole resort more of a destination stay. I just figured if they are adding a 25 minute show in WOC that may be what triggers the hours change
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                      Re: world of color

                      CarsLand and Little Mermaid ride (and the other things in the pipeline right now) will give the DCA Guests more to do during the day and allow them to stretch it to a "full-day park". Having WoC (and later a night-themed parade) running in the evening gets these Guests to stay for dinner and stretch it through the evening.

                      Get the gate count up enough, and they can justify bringing back more evening entertainment like the bands at the Wharf stage, or Road Trip out into the plaza square. Or using the pop-up stage in the WoC viewing area for a band or a show in the morning or early afternoon.

                      When they have DCA pulling the numbers that the stockholders demand, then they can start working on ideas for the 'Third Theme Park' site in earnest, and let TTP be the "Half-Day" park for a few years as it finds it's legs (and audience).

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                        Re: world of color

                        I'm definitely looking forward to them being able to keep DCA open later. It will be a really beautiful park a night once Buena Vista St. and Carsland are done and all the PP lighting gets fixed and working properly.
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                          Re: world of color

                          I have a feeling they will not close both parks at the same time as that would overwhelm the trams, parking lots, roads and exits. They will close DCA an hour or two earlier so that everyone has a chance to get out of the way for the next exit rush. The benifit of this is that when DCA closes later those people will be less likely to try and squeeze into Disneyland because of the time, causeing less of a rush in that respect. However, those that do (and there will still be a lot of them because in theory DCA will have more guests in it) will make an interesting dynamic. When in its history has Disneyland had an entrance rush at 11pm nightly.


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                            Re: world of color

                            I heard it will be until 10:30.


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