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My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project


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  • [Idea] My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

    A FutureImagineer Project:
    Disney's California Adventure

    I have finally been able to compile all my thoughts and ideas for my ideal California Adventure. Before you read this very long presentation, keep in mind this is all blue sky; however, I did try my best to accommodate areas for utilities and other park necessities. I have been working on these ideas for a long time now and have finally been able to write everything down. Unfortunately, one thing I am not skilled at is taking my visual ideas in my head and turning them into physical pictures. Hopefully, my verbal descriptions will be able to supplement that. Also, keep in mind that if you find you have similar ideas, don't jump to the conclusion that I have copied you; most likely this mutual idea is so logical that it is an obvious change. However, sometimes things just turn out to be a coincident. I hope you enjoy reading my plan (even if you split it up over a period of time) and be sure to provide any comments or questions for discussion. Thank you.

    Warning: This is a very long post. I've tried to divide it conveniently to be read over time.


    Name and ThemePark Icon and Logo
    The park icon will continue to be Grizzly Peak. Although it is not centrally located in the park and not positioned towards the entrance, I feel that it is a great California icon and sets this park apart from Disneyland. The Carthay Circle Theatre will act as a visual icon to bring you into the park; however, Grizzly Peak will be the official park icon.

    As for the logo, the original logo that depicts Grizzly Peak among rays of sunlight will be used once again.

    Park Layout

    Major Park Transportation

    Stop here and come back OR continue on. It's your chose.Buena Vista StreetPark Entrance:


    11. Fairfax Diner
    -located in the original Soap Opera Bistro building

    12. The Brown Derby
    -replica of the famous restaurant in Hollywood
    -sit-down restaurant

    13. Studios Catering Co.

    14. Sunset Scoops
    -ice-cream shop

    15. Off the Page
    16. Studio Store
    17. Various shops

    Bountiful Valley

    7. Courtyard Cocina
    -a Mexican restaurant similar to the current Cocina Cucamonga

    8. Riverbend Ranch
    -offers barbeque-style food, like that of Big Thunder Ranch, in smaller, individual portions

    9. Mission Marketplace
    10. The Bell Tower
    11. Various shops

    Stop here and come back OR continue on. It's your chose.

    Grizzly Peak
    Found in the ruggedness of the high-Sierra, Grizzly Peak is a Gold Rush era wilderness that pays tribute to the many who explored and settled in California seeking riches and success.

    Despite the rumors of a National Park theme, I feel an 1849 Gold Rush theme is more significant to California history portrayed in the park. Grizzly Peak, however, will still represent the natural beauty of Yosemite and the Redwoods.

    Also, the entrance to this land from Buena Vista Street will be slightly altered to more effectively eliminate the view of the Carthay Circle Theatre.


    5. Sierra Caverns
    -an interactive attraction where kids can pan for gold and explore

    6. Redwood Cabin
    -an overlay for the current Taste Pilots Grill

    Shops:Seaside Village

    8. Sand & Surf Grill
    -occupies a completely rebuilt Burger Invasion building

    9. Pacific Garden Terrace
    -occupies a completely rebuilt Pizza Oom Mow Mow building

    10. The Lighthouse Surf Shop
    11. Various shops

    The hub in Seaside Village also has access to Paradise Pier and Route 66.

    Paradise Pier

    14. Midway Mercantile
    15. Treasures in Paradise

    Stop here and come back OR continue on. It's your chose.

    Route 66

    Attractions:Restaurants:Shops:Discovery Bay

    Attractions:Pacific Wharf:
    8. Various shops

    9. Fireworks Factory
    -wild ride through an active fireworks factory
    -show building located behind the Railway

    10. Lucky Fortune Cookery

    11. Various shops

    Heritage Hill:
    This area will have buildings in the style of the Painted Ladies and a replication of Lombard Street that leads up to Coit Tower.

    12. Cable Car Chaos
    -ride an out of control cable car through the streets of San Francisco
    -show building located behind Railway

    13. Ghirardelli Square

    14. Various shops

    Union Square:
    15. Rafts to Alcatraz Island

    16. Big City Vehicles
    -stops in other areas of the land but guests must exit upon return to Union Square
    -travels around the Bay and across the Golden Gate Bridge

    17. California Adventure Railway
    -Discovery Bay contains one of three stations of this attraction

    18. Discovery Bay Boat Dock
    -one of three docks to the ferry system within the park

    19. Various shops

    Stop here and come back OR continue on to the last section. It's your chose.

    Now that I have described all onstage features, I would like to mention backstage facilities. This includes backstage buildings, cast member entrance gates, and also the parade route of the park although technically onstage. This section will also include restroom locations.

    The street behind California Adventure will no longer exist. It will be narrower and part of the backstage area.

    Any parades will follow the path on the following map. Parades will travel through Seaside Village and Route 66 in either direction.

    R. Restroom

    1. Offices
    -these three buildings will be the permanent replacements for the three current buildings that were constructed during Cars Land construction

    2. Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
    3. Red Car Maintenance Facilities
    4. Boat and Ferry Maintenance Facilities
    5. Railway Maintenance Facilities

    6. Parade Storage
    -western building seen as the S.S. Catalina from onstage and also a Railway show building

    7. Pacific Screamer Train Storage
    8. Eureka Gold & Timber Co. Train Storage
    9. Various Maintenance Facilities
    10. Cast Member Entrances

    This concludes my presentation of my ideal California Adventure. Unfortunately, because I wrote and developed my ideas over a period of months, some of my ideas have changed slightly. For example, I originally planned Bountiful Valley to be two separate lands with a different layout. This, being a huge difference, has been changed to properly present my ideas; other, less important or obvious changes have not been edited in their entirety, but I digress. Thank you for reading this extremely long plan. Before comments on whether or not any of these ideas are possible to develop, I would like to remind you that this is a blue sky plan. If you want me to elaborate on any lands, attractions, or details, feel free to ask.

    Part of the FutureImagineer Project Series
    Futures projects to be released soon!
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    Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

    Awesome! Absolutely brilliant! I really like all the thought and details that you put into this! This would be the IDEAL DCA!!!


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      Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

      well I may be the first to have read through the entire thing, but the only thing I must say immediately is that the parade route should also go through hollywoodland if possible, but sounds amazing, oh and I'm not sure if the BVS names are actual cause originally the theme was gonna be to old cartoons but now its old LA
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        Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

        you a vast amount of great ideas that i would prefer filling the park with instead of what WDI is doing now. i like the idea of a river running through bountiful valley (i never liked that name), but instead of the California River, how about the Kern River? it has more of a CA tie to it, i've never heard of the CA river ; )

        i like the SF area, it's similar to an area i once thought of. seeing lombard and the coit tower would be awesome. and i like how you filled in the current empty areas of the hollywood backlot. great job on the ideas.


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          Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

          That is some amazing effort, and it shows how DCA can be made great, regardless of what people say.


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            Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

            Wow! I agree, stellar effort! Unfortunately, I am one of those to whom you will never sell this DCA concept for Disneyland. Los Angeles City Hall? Alcatraz? Well, perhaps this park area will have some appeal to those who would like to live in the movie "Chinatown". But you are certainly to be commended on a great job well presented! :clap:



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              Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

              Nice! This is so much better than what they're really doing.


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                Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

                Very nice. I too would like to see the California reincarnated in something more respectable and reminiscent of Californian history. Good job!


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                  Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

                  Wow... you put some serious thoughts into this. I like almost all the rides, and actually they don't seem too far fetched except for cost-wise. Great job!

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                    Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

                    Very nice, but it looks like some of your showbuildings are too small for the attractions they contain. Maybe you could compare them to Disneyland showbuildings of similar rides and make sure you've given yourself enough space.
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                      Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

                      I don't have time to read everything, but after skimming through this, I must say, I already like what I'm going to be reading in a bit (after work). This contains some of the best ideas I've heard of. Great job!


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                        Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

                        What a park this would be. Better than TDS!


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                          Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

                          Wow! You've had alot of Similar Ideas! Great Ideas! Loved Some but disliked others! Great Thinking!


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                            Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

                            Wow. All I have to say is that with these ideas, the whole park as a whole would benefit an actually a top-notch Disney park. Great job!
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                              Re: My 'Disney's California Adventure' Project

                              Thanks for all the positive feedback. It definitely took me a long time to compile all these ideas.

                              Originally posted by AGD View Post
                              Very nice, but it looks like some of your showbuildings are too small for the attractions they contain. Maybe you could compare them to Disneyland showbuildings of similar rides and make sure you've given yourself enough space.
                              I actually did make a lot of comparisons to Disneyland and other Disney parks showbuildings. I used Bing maps to find the square footage of those existing structures and use that for my design. But there was a lot of squeezing this attraction here and that ride there plus some of my buildings are uniquely shaped.


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