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Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

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  • Trip Report Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

    What a wonderful time we had all weekend long, came home completely exhausted but already of thinking of when we can get back to our family away from family.

    We arrived Friday afternoon and after settling into the Hojo we walked over to have a late lunch with none other than our stalkers from Arizona Dr. Earkid and Goofy Golfer. It seems like it had been only minutes before we had seen them last, but it had actually been hours.

    After lunch we all decided to take a nap before the big Hojo party and get the weekend really started.

    From left to right: Clink kids; Capt Phoebus; Gravey 80; Rixter; Trekkie Dad; Doom BGI; Trekkie Dad's wife;

    From left to right: Rixter; Doom BGI; Trekkie Dad; Penguin Soda; Willie; Pratt55; Sirclinksalot; Brerbit; Mary Read and MCow1.

    Notice the bags of the M & M's on the table? The Hojo had them custom made with MC 5 years on them. I have to find my bag and open them up to take a picture (unless someone already has a picture). Another reason to love the Hojo.

    From left to right: Uncle Mike; Ripper; Fishbulb; Indiana Jenn.

    From left to right: Mary Read; MonstersGoBoo; MalefecentMel, amanda.collishaw, jessicaluvsjonas; Tinker Monkey.

    Sir Clinksalot; Abominable Snowman; Disney1978

    Sir Clinksalot; Doom BGI; YoyoFlamingo; Disney1978; Neverneverland; Dr. Earkid; Capt Phoebus; Goofy Golfer; Pratt55; Monorail Man

    These are my cubs and I love them, Capt Phoebus; Pratt55 and Monorail Man.

    The lovely Momma makes her appearance

    DoomBGI knows how to treat a lady; as Brerbit and Abominable Snowman look on and learn.

    My first glance at my MtnGirl.
    (Villains Fan, Eric, Susie P., Mousechild, Dsnylandmom; MtnGirl; Aashee)

    All My Tim's
    (DisneyTim and Timmy55)

    Some random fun ladies were let in to the party.

    Obviously something was up with Fishbulb

    The Hojo's provided us with snacks. Legally Brunette brought her to die for Red Velvet and Oreo cupcakes. Timmy55 brought Tiramisu. Needless to say we were a happy bunch.

    MtnGirl; my Amanda; Myself and Momma; all missing Belle.

    This year a contest was held and if you said a certain word you would lose your lei. Prizes were awarded to those who had the most leis at the end of the evening.

    Momma was the hostess with the mostess.

    The first place prize

    Elly was the most lei'd person at the party.

    From left to right: StitchTT6; Deogges Mom; Rixter; Capt Phoebus; Mamabot; Willie; Joshnya (Zonie); Goofy Golfer; Dr. Earkid; Rocker; Al Lutz;

    From left to right: Julie Mouse; Ripper; Monorail Man; Uncle Mike; not sure; Indiana Jenn; Stitch TT6; Doom BGI; Rixter; Mamabot; Deogges Mom

    From left to right: Momma; Darkbeer; Legally Brunette; Dusty Sage; The Dark Lady; Aashee; Mousechild; Sirclinksalot; pixie chick; Is it October yet member; Elly.

    From left to right: Dusty Sage; my Josh; Darkbeer

    Coming up later, Saturday at DCA.
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    Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

    Awesome! Thanks for posting Pratt. I'll stay tuned for more fun and frivolity!


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      Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

      Loving the report! Great to see you again!!!
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        Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

        It's great seeing all of the MiceChatters having a great time. I'm sure Momma was loads of fun.
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          Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

          Nice, Its like being there all over again Love em keep em coming please


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            Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

            Awesome pics. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more trip reports from everyone who went if their able to take the time to post a trip report. I know it takes a lot of time, thought, and energy to do so. But it's definitely appreciated by those who weren't able to go, it makes us feel like we were there too.


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              Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

              I'm impressed at how well you know everyone in your pictures.
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                Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

                The Anniversary report I've been looking forward to the most
                Great pics, I'm still sorry I didn't get to come (I know I know, it's my fault)
                Can't wait for more


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                  Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

                  Thanks for sharing, Pratt!

                  It was lovely meeting you this weekend. I'm sorry I missed the HoJos party, it looks like it was fabulous. Next year!


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                    Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

                    The game with the lei's looks like it was fun. I have played something similar at a bridal shower (you can't say things like Bride or wedding). Looks like everyone had a great time and now I am wanting to try those red velvet cupcakes!! Yum!!!
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                      Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

                      Lisa, it was so great to finally meet you. Officially and stuff. Your pictures are great so far!

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                        Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

                        Great report! It is nice to match the faces to their screen name.
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                          Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

                          Thanks for the report. Fun to put faces to some of the names. BTW... Momma looked absolutely elegant!:thumbup:
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                          I poop with joy!
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                            Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

                            Aww, now I really wish I went more than just on Sunday! It was nice to put names to faces! Thanks everyone for a great Sunday!!
                            Counting down to Gumball Rally!!
                            Who doesn't love NAPS?!?


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                              Re: Pratt55 Micechat 5th Anniversary Report

                              Fabulous job so far Lisa! You are doing amazing at identifying everyone in the pictures too. Can't wait for more...
                              I love my awesome crazy wonderful friends!!

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                              then 10 seconds later you�d be playing like you were best friends?"
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