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Where in Disneyland Resort Version 1


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  • Where in Disneyland Resort Version 1

    I know their is a "Where in the (Disney) World" thread out there in Mice Chat, but I can not play that game since I have never been to Disney World. Now This game is to be played the same way as that one but only this game revolves around Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA.

    I hope Askmike1 does not mind me copying, pasting, and editing the rules he made for the Disney World game in here, (If you do mind Askmike, please do let me know) but any way here are the rules:

    This is a fun game. First, someone posts a picture. The idea is that it's close up enough that the location is not given away, but still wide enough to make it possible to guess where the photo was taken.
    - Please post pictures only from the Disneyland Resort.
    - Pictures must be taken from anywhere in the resort.
    - Don't make them too hard...but don't make them too easy
    - Bonus points: If someone guesses correctly (but perhaps not entirely specific), they will still get to go next, but for worthless points, someone can guess the exact item. This will be used at the discretion of the picture poster
    - Please do not post another picture until the original poster confirmed that your guess is correct.
    - If there is a lull between pictures (like if the winner will be gone for a few hours) someone else can post a temporary picture until the winner gets back. The winner of the temporary picture will just get bonus points (not the right to post the next picture)

    1) Go to or
    2) Browse for the photo you wish to upload.
    3) Press "host it!"
    4) The resulting page will give you a list of links. The one you need is called "Direct Link to Image" (it is usually the last link).
    5) In your post, click on the image icon (little mountain with a sun) and put in that link.
    This is by far the easiest possible way I know of.

    Now I do not have any pics of Disneyland Resort so I am allowing anybody with pics they can use for this game to start it off.

    HAVE FUN )
    Last edited by Disney Wrassler; 10-22-2005, 07:57 PM.

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    Re: Where in Disneyland Resort Version 1

    Ummm, there is a thread just like this, for the Disneyland resort. It's still called "Where in the Disney (World)" but it's in the DLR section. You are welcome to join the game, though!


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      Re: Where in Disneyland Resort Version 1

      Yep. My GOD I started those threads months ago.


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        Re: Where in Disneyland Resort Version 1

        Yes D-Wrassler, the game is alive & well over in this thread.

        Mods: Feel free to merge/close this one.
        These are the games that never end.


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          Re: Where in Disneyland Resort Version 1

          Thanks for the infor. guys )


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            Re: Where in Disneyland Resort Version 1

            don't worry DW! i always read MC through the new post button & don't pay attention to what forum the threads are in so i JUST realized that there is a where in the (disney) world? thread in the DLR forum. why isn't it called where in the disney land? i know it doesn't have the same ring to it, but the having disney "world" in the title through me off & i never opened it before!!


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              Re: Where in Disneyland Resort Version 1

              Originally posted by pixie chick
              why isn't it called where in the disney land?
              Club 33 (the game's originator) may be able to answer more directly. My guess is that the title is a play on the phrase "Where in the world is _____?", injecting the parenthetical Disney to make it ... Disneyfied!

              He opened a separate game-thread in each of the four parks' forums. I agree that the wording ended-up a bit clumsy when applied so broadly. Eh, whatcagonnado?
              These are the games that never end.


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