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What to expect at DL BEFORE 50th??


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  • What to expect at DL BEFORE 50th??

    My wife and I have multi day passes for both parks in early April. It has been more than two years since we were there last and we are taking our four year old daughter for the first time.

    Since we are going to be there before the 50th kick off are we going to miss much? Will there still be a lot of closures? What should we expect in the way of crowds? What should we definitely check out and what should we avoid?

    I know that's a lot of questions but if anyone could toss some pointers my way I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks. :bow:
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    Probably won't be missing too much, though there may be some suprise closures as Disney starts getting crunched for time towards 5/5.

    What is new that you will want to see:
    *Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters.
    *Tomorrowland paint job
    *Haunted Mansion upgrades
    *A newly renovated Tiki Room

    What will be Closed
    *Jungle Cruise
    *Great Moments w. Mr. Lincoln (which will be the 50th exhibit opening later in April)

    By all accounts we hope it to be quite busy. Since I think in addition to the nasty weather of the last few months, alot of guests have stayed away due to ride closures and omnipresent construction walls. (I'm not looking forward for both Splash and Jungle down at the same time).
    Cannot think of anything in particular to avoid.
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