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Armchair Imagitition- Jesterjack's entry


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  • [Game] Armchair Imagitition- Jesterjack's entry

    'Howdy folks, please keep all yer body parts inside the train at all times. Now hang on to your hats and glasses, this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!'

    The hardest part of starting something you never did before is actually starting it, but well you have to.
    my concept may or may not take up most of the plot of land assigned for this Imagitition, depending on of far 'down' you look, but hopefully you people will be able to understand.

    The Backstory
    the backstory for this is...somewhat simple:
    'In 1853 two brothers by the name of Zeke and John were traveling the vast deserts of Nevada and Californa when one night the older brother, John said they should camp up on this rugged mountain, which is Big Thunder by todays standerds, during the night John picked up his lucky pickaxe and explored the mountain, at one part he found a massive gold vein, john was amazed by this discovery, he quickly woke his brother and they started to both dig through the vein. Fastforward four years later, Zeke and John were the proud owners of Big Thunder Mountain, the Railroad and the 'Biggest Little Boomtown this side of the mississipi: Big Thunder (these two brothers weren't good with names) but, one day an Indian Chief appered from the mountains, he told the brothers that if they dug any further in the Thunder God's resting place, he will awake and cause mayham to this place. Afterward the Chief dissapered into the mountains as mysterious as he appered, John ignored the chiefs warnings and continued digging, the next day, a massive earthquake stuck Big Thunder causing mine tunnel XIII to collapse and trap several miners in there as well. many people thought the Indians Chiefs warning was true and many started to leave town. John on the other hand thought this was only mere coinsidence and they should keep digging. Sadly no one beleved him. Outraged by his brothers foolishness Zeke packed up a station wagon and left north of Big Thunder. Soon Zeke found a weird placement of boulders past a strange hill range, upon further sighting he found a hole that leads down into the earth, after exploring the cave, Zeke returned with handfuls of gold nuggets that he sold and built a small mine shack. a few days later word came out of a new gold mine discovered and soon people came to Zeke's little shack soon there too, was a boomtown, just like Zeke's foolish brother.soon after there was a railroad made on the small hill that seprates the town and its mines, which to avoid future injury a small mine was placed beneath the small hill, which was found to have beautiful crystals in it.pretty soon Zeke was named mayor of the town, which was now called 'Boulder Dash'. soon more people in strange clothing came to the small town of Boulder Dash and were soon made temporary one day miners for the mines.

    The Town
    The town of Boulder Dash will be a bit more interactive than other lands, the town will consist of a jail, a bank, a General Store,a Sheriff's office, a Town Hall, a few houses, a Saloon, and a building toward the railroad with a sign that says: 'Boulder Dash Mining Co.'. The DL railroad will have a new stop here as the Boulder Dash/ Frontierland train station. In the town the General store will be a shop that will sell canteened water and sandwitchs. as for entertainment, there will be a two day show every day except sunday, how will this be possible you ask? on the first day, the town's villain, Black Bart will escape from jail, at about 2 PM, and steal money from the bank conviently situated next door, but before he can make his escape with his new loot, Sheriff Jack will stop him and tell him to give the money to him, Black art will refuse and challenge Sheriff Jack to a showdown at High Noon( 12:00 for those who dont know) tomorrow.then the next day,at 12:00, Black Bart will emerge from the bushes out side of town, then other cast members playing the townsfolk will get out of the town square, and some will run inside shops and house others will hide, kinda like you see in an old western movie. then black bart and Sheriff Jack will comence the showdown firing there guns, of course Sheriff Jack wins, but Black Bart did not die, and was but into jail which the next day he will break out and the show will happen all over again. during the rest of the day cast members dressed in period correct clothing will wonder the town, some may go to the General store to buy food, go to the stream to wash cloths, the cast members will mingle with the guests, talk about current events (ext 1860). Sheriff Jack will wonder the town and pick a small child to be his Deputy he'll hand the child a wooden pop gun, like the ones sold in frontierland shops, and also give the child a Deputy Badge.
    The main Ride
    the main ride called: 'Boulder Dash Mash' (maybe someone can give me a better name?) will start in the building with the Boulder Dash Mining co. sign on it, when guests go into the building they will be greeted by a old miner-like charecter named Ol' Gabby, played by a cast member, Gabby will tell the guest that they are temporary One day miners to help them get gold from the deep tunnels only acessible by mine cart. He wishes them good luck and sends them out of a side door onto a roped path, they enter a small mine under the Railroad tracks, some guests may notice on a plank above them when they enter that on the plank says the name of this mine: 'Its All' Mine, inside the mine a re beutiful Crystals around them, and if you listen closely you can hear the music from Rainbow caverns from Mine Train Through Natures Wonderland. When guests exit the small mine the see I mine cars filled with guests popping out of the ground and going back in on rickety ttracks, as guest enter a mine shack, they will be entertained by two cast members called the Bunsen Brothers which will look like miners, but with have corny humor like the Jungle Cruise skippers. As guests get the the loading platform the will enter a mine cart looking vieicle that will hold about 6, as the cart exits the station it will go up a lift hill mountain in a large boulder and then go down into a mine where inside the mine will be a vast roller coaster filled with wonderful rock formations and butiful crystals, then guests will go up and out side while seeing other guests waiting in line and guysers erupting everywhere, then go back down, at the end the cart will slow to a stop and you will hear what sounds like metal hooking onto your cart, and by a use of brakes and boosters your cart will move up the final hill with a feeling as if someone is pulling a rope pulling you and your cart up to safety and into the loading area, where guests will exit and head back into Boulder Dash.

    I hope you liked my idea for that area of frontier land
    and please excuse the posts below until TrevorD's post. thanks!
    Last edited by jesterjack; 03-07-2010, 08:12 PM. Reason: need better ideas
    Hello? I seem to be in some sort of inter dimensional dimension with no way in or out....Send Help! and Pie! pumpkin peferably

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    Re: Armchair Imagitition- Jesterjack's entry

    It kinda sounds like you took ideas and kinda made them your own. Personally, I like ideas that are new and haven't really been posted on this website. Just my thought...


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      Re: Armchair Imagitition- Jesterjack's entry

      Originally posted by Peoplemover Priit View Post
      It kinda sounds like you took ideas and kinda made them your own. Personally, I like ideas that are new and haven't really been posted on this website. Just my thought...
      Yeah... that's what I thought this competition was about and is why people have a month. Anyone can copy and paste.
      Armchair Imagineering!:

      The Grand Cinema Journey? (Name ideas welcome)

      Concept Map! (Thread to follow)
      Grizzly Peak Mining District


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        Re: Armchair Imagitition- Jesterjack's entry

        I'm currently rethinking this but I'm keeping everything up to the rides, but I'll need to change the towns name
        Hello? I seem to be in some sort of inter dimensional dimension with no way in or out....Send Help! and Pie! pumpkin peferably


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          Re: Armchair Imagitition- Jesterjack's entry

          There is lots of time, no worries.

          As it looks, official comments for the final design start here:
          Last edited by Trevor; 03-07-2010, 11:22 PM.


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