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Regarding Captain EO Tribute - Meeting Michael Jackson at Disneyland


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  • [Other] Regarding Captain EO Tribute - Meeting Michael Jackson at Disneyland

    Seems as if I am as excited as many about the upcoming Captain EO Tribute at Disneyland. Thought it might be interesting to start a thread about experiences meeting Michael Jackson in person at Disneyland (or sightings).

    I'll start off while I can still remember all the details.

    I have been a Michael Jackson fan ever since I was like 5 or 6 years old when Michael came out with the "Off the Wall" album.

    Being a big fan I've been fortunate enough to be involved in some cool MJ things such as the promotion of the History and Blood On The Dance Floor albums while I was overseas (AFRTS, etc).

    I also was so lucky to actually have met Michael Jackson on December 31st of 1991 at Disneyland. My ex-girl friend and I went to Disneyland to celebrate New Years Eve. Well about 9:30 - 10:00 pm, she and I were walking down this path that went around the backside of the ride "Big Thunder Mountain" going toward the "New Orleans Square" part of the park. As many of you know back then (and even maybe now) during the holiday season at Disneyland, there are groups of singers that go around the park (Dressed nicely) singing Christmas music. As we were walking down this path, in the distance I saw a group of suited people walking up toward us. When I saw them, I assumed they were a group of the singers and didn't pay much attention to them nor was anybody else. As we passed this group of suited people, I noticed that in the center of the group were some differently dressed people. As we passed by, one of these people I thought to myself looked like a Michael Jackson impersonator. If you ever have seen MC Hammer's video 2 Legit To Quit - there is a scene at the end with someone that looks like Michael from behind about the 7 o'clock position - that is what he looked like as we passed by) I quickly told my ex that "THAT looks like a Michael Jackson impersonator that just passed us" Then I thought, "OH MY GOD, THAT WAS MICHAEL JACKSON" Realize, all of this happened very quickly. Well, when I came to the realization that it was Michael, I grabbed my ex by the hand and ran to get ahead of this group of individuals that were with him. All of the other people who were walking around didn't even notice that Michael Jackson was right there in plain sight. I guess it may have been that there were so many of these suited people (I am assuming who were Disney Security) you really could not see him in the center of this group too well. We got ahead of Michael right before the exit of the ride "Big Thunder Mountain" At this point, I impulsively pushed my way in-between two of the suited men and stuck out my hand and yelled "MICHAEL" Well, one of the suited men started to pull me away, but then Michael grasped my hand and all of a sudden I was in the center of this group holding Michael's left hand with my right.

    Exciting right? That doesn't even describe it. There I was standing face to face with Michael Jackson. I just could not believe it. Many of you know living in Southern California, it is fairly common to see and even meet famous celebrities. But Michael Jackson - this just blew my mind. The thing that I noticed though is that Michael had an incredible presence not like of which I have ever experienced with anyone before. Sometimes, very tall or big people will have a presence because of their size or people that are extremely outgoing will too. But, I have never felt such a strong presence or I guess you could say AURA with anyone than at that moment. I was about 5'10" at the time and Michael seemed to be the exactly same height. He was wearing black pants and if I remember correctly and black shirt, black satin jacket and black fedora with the trade-mark curls of hair hanging down over his face. He had a very light complexion and I noticed that he had alot of scarring from what appeared to be childhood acne. He didn't have too much makeup on. It also struck me that he had extremely long fingers as I was standing there with him holding on to my hand. He had a small child with him who was dressed EXACTLY like him and I think some other people too. Apparently, he was going to ride "Big Thunder Mountain" and they were heading toward the exit (As you probably guess, Michael does not wait in line...LOL)

    As I was standing there in front of Michael Jackson, he did not make eye contact at first and I started going on and said I was a big fan and I loved his new song (Black or White) and I thanked him for being such a wonderful entertainer. He then looked up smiled and said Thank You..... and flashed that trademark Jackson Smile.

    Well at this time, the people passing by started to realize that Michael Jackson was standing there and they started freaking out. You heard people scream out "OH MY GAWD - ITS MICHAEL JACKSON" Suddenly, just as if they had rehearsed it a thousand times, Michael and his group wooshed away into the exit of the ride and were gone just as quickly as they were there. I was just there kinda in shock, because I had no idea that I would ever meet Michael Jackson, especially at Disneyland of all places. My ex took my hand and noticed that it smelled of aftershave or something. Years later I remember reading that Michael Jackson was known for wearing TONS of cologne - hence the smell.

    Later that night we saw him once again with what seemed like a hundred other people outside (while he was inside) a glass shop? (on the left as you are leaving) on Main Street browsing around.

    I would have to say this is my most memorable experience at Disneyland ever. That is saying alot considering I practically lived there after school when I was a kid.

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    Re: Regarding Captain EO Tribute - Meeting Michael Jackson at Disneyland

    Nice story! Thanks for the read.
    Follow me on --> Twitter (@soda)


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      Re: Regarding Captain EO Tribute - Meeting Michael Jackson at Disneyland

      You know he was an awesome person to meet! I met him by accident somewhere else and can still remember this day as my family and friends were there.


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        Re: Regarding Captain EO Tribute - Meeting Michael Jackson at Disneyland

        Very cool story and Welcome to MiceChat.


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          Re: Regarding Captain EO Tribute - Meeting Michael Jackson at Disneyland

          Awesome story... I've actually never met anyone famous at DL before but I hope someday I do, but clearly it will never be someone with that level of fame! I remember reading that MJ went to Disneyland very often, and wore disguises to hide from the crowds.


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            Re: Regarding Captain EO Tribute - Meeting Michael Jackson at Disneyland

            Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I have heard the thing about the disguises as well. That night he was not wearing any sort of a disguise. Since that was at the time of the Dangerous Album (Black or White had just been released the month before) he had already had extensive surgery. But in no way did he look freakish or strange. My ex thought he looked quite attractive but you could see some acne scaring (like pits?) in his cheeks. I assume it was because he wasn't wearing too much makeup. But he didn't look bad or weird at all and he was dressed quite well as I described before.


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              Re: Regarding Captain EO Tribute - Meeting Michael Jackson at Disneyland

              Great story!

              Since you're new I'll tell you one I've told before.

              In the early 90's I used to go to the park with my dad so he could do his walking. One day we were in Fantasyland and he said to me, "Hey! That's Michael Jackson over there." I thought, yeah, right. My dad was in his 60's at that time and I'm thinking, he knows what Michael Jackson looks like?

              The fellow in question had on the big fedora and sunglasses and he's surrounded by people so hmmm....maybe.

              At one point he walked past us and my dad says to him, "Hey! Michael how you doing? Enjoying the day?"

              Michael gave my dad a smile and a wave and said something like, "Very much."

              I have to tell you I was surprised at how tall he was.

              Later we went into a shop and the CM said he was in there all the time.

              I should tell you that my dad also met up with Paul McCartney in the men's room in Adventureland so obviously he knew his musicians.


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                Re: Regarding Captain EO Tribute - Meeting Michael Jackson at Disneyland

                I worked at Disneyland in the 90's and saw him go through the Tomorrowland tunnel many times.

                Also noticed a huge crowd following a People Mover car as it moved above.

                As cool as it is to see someone famous... I always feel like it is there time to enjoy there life at the and I leave them alone.

                Unfortunately I think that was very hard for MJ to do.

                People I have seen... all of them have been left alone or a basic nod :
                MJ at DL (tomorrowland)
                Kobe at DCA (paradise pier)
                Shaq at DL (matterhorn)
                Rick Fox at GCH (lobby)
                John Lasseter at DL (space mtn)
                Steven Spielberg at DL (main street)


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                  Re: Regarding Captain EO Tribute - Meeting Michael Jackson at Disneyland

                  Thanks for the responses!


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