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  • Dual AP's

    Has anyone else considered the concept of an AP that would be good at bith DL Resort and WDW Resort? For those of us who do not live near either park but travel to both, we have often wondered why it is not offered.

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    Because the amount of people who would buy such a thing is very, very small.


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      If you have an AP for one park do you at least get a discount at another?


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        I heard that if you get a ticket at WDW... & do not use it you can exchange it for a DL ticket.. however the other way isn't allowed... due to WDw costs more to get in...

        (I wouldn't be surprised if they considder an upgrade in a few years to offer WDW & DL for a AP.... thought ti would probabl be a $100 upgrade at WDW & a $400 upgrade at DL... for the other parks...


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          when I went back in 03, there was no discount for Anaheim APs who wanted a FLorida AP. Which is silly if you think about it... SO much of WDW's money is made on the resort hotels, they should be giving us an AP discount to encourage us to come back to the resort... but I digress.
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            I'm not so interested in buying a second AP. I feel that if you shell out the cash for one AP you should get a significant discount at another disney park with that one AP.


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              The Six-Flags group honors passes at all of their parks. I've been to FL & DLP and I really hated to have to buy an admission ticket to get in to both (although I had a great time at both).
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                Cedar fair does the same tjhing... except you can't get into either Cedar Point or Geauga Lake But you can upgrade the AP to get you into every park... or just get one park and still get ino all of them except CP or GA
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                    I also like to idea of significant discount to the other resort with an AP. Also AP room rates at either resort.


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                      AB Parks(Seaworlds and Busch Gardens) and Paramount Parks have passes that work at all there parks also, and Universal passes are considerably less in price than WDW and DLR. I have a premium pass to DLR and WDW...wish they offered some kind of discount, cause believe me I give Disney enough of my paychecks. I really wish here in CA that they would get rid of the So Cal and So Cal select passes, and offer a little more value for the premium (Early Entry, E nights, etc.). $300 is a lot for our 2 parks compared to about $400 for all 4 FL parks.


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                        Originally posted by figment1986
                        Cedar fair does the same tjhing... except you can't get into either Cedar Point or Gargansia Lake (SP??) But you can upgrade the AP to get you into every park... or just get one park and still get ino all of them except CP or GA

                        Geauga Lake. (Pronounced Jee-aw-guh).

                        But that is true. If you buy a CP pass at Knott's, Dorney, Worlds of Adventure or Michigans Adventure you can use it at ALL CP parks. If you buy a pass at CP or Geauga Lake it is good everywhere else except for either CP or Geauga lake (depending on where you buy it).

                        We have the Premium Busch passes since we will be going to FL in November and they are good at SWO (Sea World Orlando) and BGT (Busch Gardens Tampa). Pluse they also do include Premium parking and seating at not only SWSD (Sea World San Diego) but also at SWO and BGT. A great deal if you ask me.

                        I would certainly buy a dual AP for WDW and DL. As it stands now, even though I only live 75 miles north of DL and 3000 miles away from WDW I will have only a WDW AP this year (Because of the awesome hotel discounts).

                        I would certainly kick down another $200 to make my WDW AP good at both coasts.


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                          The anhsuer busch Premium Pass.. (quite expensive.. but lasts 2 years and accepted at every park except discovery cove) is a brilliant investment if you are going to be traveling the country for 2 years... and be near a anheuser busch park... (if you are am employee.. you know about the free Employee Family fun cards... which are the same without the premium choise seating and ride again privilage on most rides..)

                          Time to goto sleep.. while waiting for some of the boards Seaworld people to come and talk more...


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                            This is something I would be interested in too. I've only done the double once, but will be doing it again on my next trip to the US, so it would be worthwhile for somebody like me. I'd also be interested in a 'worldwide' passport too.
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